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Factors To Consider For The Length Of The Air Track Mat

May, 04, 2022

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When choosing any equipment, there are always different factors that can help you choose the size you need. The width of most air tracks is approximately 3 to 3.5 feet. Meanwhile, the depth of a gymnastic air track can vary between 4 and 8 inches in most cases.

The length of the air track mat is where the greatest variation occurs. The smallest air forms can sometimes be as small as 2 to 3 feet long, while longer air form can sometimes be close to 40 feet long.

This is a fairly large range of sizes to choose from. Fortunately, most gymnastic air forms can be used outdoors, as it is unlikely that you will have enough space in your house to fit an air form of this length.

Your skill level

One of the main factors that will affect your desired length when choosing an aerial is your own skill level. A junior gymnast might use an air track that is 10 feet long. This is long enough to perform exercises such as walkovers or even singles.

Eventually, you will need to get an aerial track that is about 30 feet long, if not a little longer. This length is long enough to allow you to practice all but the longest tumbling moves. It's a lot of space, but if you do a lot of training at home, it's well worth it.

What you'll use it for
If you live near a gymnasium, then you may not need to use your home aerial track very often. In this case you may not need a long air track as when you are at home you can focus on your individual skills and leave the combination work for when you are in the gym.

Can the air track be placed on grass, concrete or other surfaces
In any case, combination gymnastics skills tend to be better in the gym. This is both because other people are there to watch you and give you pointers on how to improve, and because gyms tend to be more open than at home.

Air Track Sets

Your own length
If you are tall then you will need more length on the aerial track in order to do a walkover. The taller you are, then the more length you should give yourself to complete your skills. This is why age has a bit of an effect on how long you should get on the aerial track from Kameymall.

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