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Let’s Play Like A Hamster!

Jun, 01, 2022

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Ever wonder what it's really like to roll around in a hamster ball? Now's your chance to find out!  The Zorb water balloon is basically a life-size hamster ball that allows you to take it to the pool.

Its like a hamster ball but actually more joyful

Unlike real hamster balls, zorb ball isn't made of hard plastic, but durable polyvinyl chloride, which makes it perfect for bouncing on water. The inflatable ball has a waterproof zipper so you can climb inside and wait for someone outside to pump it up. Then zip up and go!

Who invented modern zorb balls 

The modern Zorb ball was invented by Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis of Ogo, New Zealand. Their original inflatable shoes were designed to walk on water, but they found that when people fell, the shoes would stick firmly to the surface, so they couldn't get back up.  When they moved to the land version, it became very popular and now it's everywhere - at music festivals, outdoor events, you name it!  In 1998, Charles Blane Jones took the design of the Zorb ball and created a ball that could walk on water.

zorb ball

Dont play it by yourself!

The ball really needs help because you have to sit in it while someone blows it up and zips it up.  Since it can only be opened from the outside, it should be supervised during use in case you need help getting out. Also, because the seal is waterproof, it's recommended that you stay inside for 15 minutes at most so you don't use up all your oxygen. Even with these restrictions, people can still have a lot of fun with it.


However, it is clear from the first human attempt that walking in a hamster ball is not as easy as it seems. Score one for the hamster! Find more zorb ball selling information on Kameymall now and you will find more interesting things!

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