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Abdominal Muscle Developing Methods

Apr, 19, 2022

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Do you want a toned body? Do I want to have abs? Are you looking forward to abs? In this article I will introduce you to some basic knowledge and training methods to train your abs, which I hope will help you.

First of all, you must have an air track mat for yourself because you need to lie on the air track mat to do these exercises, as this is the only way you can be safe. the air track mat protects your body from direct contact with the hard floor and prevents injuries. Okay, let's start sharing some abdominal training methods.


The abdominal muscles include the rectus abdominis, the transverse abdominis and the internal and external obliques, all three of which need to be worked.

The first is the supine curl, which is a great way to work the upper abdominals. Firstly, lie on your back on the air track mat, bend your legs at 90 degrees, hold your hands behind your ears, exhale to curl your abdomen upwards, inhale to return to the starting position, repeat the exercise in order, do 3-4 sets each time.

The second one is the supine leg raise, which is a good exercise for the lower abdomen. Lie on your back on the air track mat with your hands fixed above the mat and your legs hanging straight out, then bend your knees to bring your thighs closer to your chest and extend your legs upwards to get your gluteus maximus off the mat.

The third, the supine twist, works the internal and external obliques, which are often referred to as the flabby sides. Start by lying on your back on the air track mat with your legs bent at the knees and your upper body half-lying, arms slightly straight above your chest and rotate both arms to the sides of your body.

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Do you want to start training your abs? Come on. Let's get moving! You can start by coming to Kameymall to buy a suitable air track mat.

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