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Newest FAQ For Aspects Of Air Track Mat

Apr, 16, 2022

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Recently, as air track mat is being extremely popular around the community, there are more and more questions about how to using and maintaning home-use air track mats. Let’s check about them.

High Frequency Asked Questions About Air Tracks

Why use inflatable track MATS?  

The sport requires space, and not every family has a dedicated venue for its youngest gymnasts.  That doesn't mean your child should be forced to miss home classes or that you have to pay for gym space.  Inflatable air track mat is designed to address space and safety issues to ensure child gymnasts and jumpers can continue training.  

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Are our air pads safe to use at home?  

Air track pads can be the most suitable alternative for use at home because of their fluidity (they can be removed to store and transport them). Because of the speed of installation, you can pick up your training mat and then fold it up and put it away, using the space for different purposes.  


What pressure should be used for the air rail?  

The right amount of pressure is determined by the athlete's weight and type of activity. Be sure to refer to the instructions for the air rail pad you are installing to find the right pressure. You can adjust your "flexibility" to suit your requirements. Most products offer charts based on exercise and weight, but a good rule of thumb is to add some air to make sure you don't top up.  


How heavy is the air mattress?  

It depends on the size of the manufacturer, the brand and the materials used. While inflatable track MATS are generally considered light enough to be transported when deflated, that doesn't mean they all weigh the same. Based on our research on this issue, we found significant weight differences from 20 to 45 pounds.  

Where to find good air tracks

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