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What You Should Do After Purchasing Air Track Mat

Apr, 16, 2022

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When jumping or backflips, safety is crucial. Anyone using this device is safe and can land anything they need. It is also easy to inflate or deflate and easy to store because of its user-friendly design. If used properly, aerial fitness equipment can last up to ten years. Of course, the air track mat on the track exceeds this limit. It all depends on how and how often the product is used.  

Should you buy an electric or manual air cushion pump?  

We have manual and electric air track mat for gym use. In short, the more air cushions there are, the more time the pumping process takes. As a result, it is difficult to pump long, tall inflatable gymnastic MATS automatically. Here we recommend the use of electric pumps. However, if you plan to take your air cushion to the beach or park, you may want to use a manual air pump so you don't have to worry about whether electricity is available. So, the decision between electric or manual pumps depends on how long the air track pad lasts and where you intend to place it.  You can now make a better decision with the air track pad.   

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How long does an air track lasts  

 Again, it depends. Heavily used MATS may not be as durable as those used occasionally. Also, the way you take care of your mat can affect how long it lasts. Storing and maintaining your mat properly can make a big difference.   


Kameymall thinks that the shorter mat length is ideal for those who want to test their speed or want to roll together.  If you choose a larger air cushion, you will be able to do more tumbling and gain more speed and power. If you are an experienced gymnast and have a track mat with a thickness of 15cm, it will give you the best bounce and takeoff. Its total length is 3-8 meters. If you have more tumbling you want to do, more air track pads you can choose.

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