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What Attractive Wavy Human Hair Wigs!

Jul, 05, 2022

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If you currently have short hair and all want to see yourself with long, or even curly, hair, is there anything you can do? Today, I'm here to give you recommendations.


Human hair wigs can satisfy your curiosity

Do you see the human hair wig in the picture? It's a big black wavy curly hair and you can choose from 10 to 24 inches long. This hair is made entirely from natural Brazilian human hair, so it looks very realistic and weighs only about 100g in a bundle. In fact, if you want to see how your hair looks when it gets longer or curlier, this big wavy curly human hair wig will satisfy your curiosity.

As human hair wigs can be permed and dyed just like our real hair in barber shops, you can also go to the barber shop to get a new hairstyle if you are not happy with this one at a later stage. So, let's move on to talk about what kind of face shape the big wavy curls in the picture are suitable for.



What kind of face shapes do big waves suit?

Long faces: Curly hair softens the lines of the face and makes it visually shorter. The opposite is true for straight hair, which elongates the face, so ladies with long faces will look better with curly hair, such as the one pictured here.

Square faces: Women with square faces are not suitable for straight black hair as their overall face shape is very angular and straight black hair tends to accentuate this stereotypical face shape, giving it a mean look. However, the wavy curves from the roots to the ends of the hair reveal a feminine and delicate look. The sides of the hair are tucked slightly inwards past the cheeks, which slims the face and rounds out its contours.

Goose-egg face: The iconic goose-egg face is suitable for all kinds of hairstyles and does not require a hairstyle to modify the shape of the face. It is best not to stick to your face when doing curly hair, as this will highlight the advantages of a goose egg face.

Long face: If you have a long face, long wavy curls are best worn with a bangs that suit you. Air bangs or fringes to reduce ageing, cover from the ears to round out the face shape, cover their eyebrows to reduce the face area, the hair is more full and airy. The red-brown hair colour with a slight orange tint is more suitable for fair-skinned ladies, while those with a yellowish complexion can choose a darker curry or brown hair colour.

Round faces: Long, messy hair is a no-no for round faces. It is recommended that women with round faces wear big waves with a centre parting, which elongates the face and stretches the facial contours vertically, making it look cute and full of charm at the same time.



If you want to buy a human hair wig, come to Kameymall. There's no better time than now, as the shop is having a sale. The human hair wig pictured here was originally priced at $384, but now it's only $184, which is more than half off, so it's a shame to miss out.

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