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What The Modern Air Track Mat?

Jul, 05, 2022

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Modern air track mat, also known as tumbling mat, which is widely used in martial arts clubs, taekwondo gyms, and it has replaced the traditional sponge mat. Because it is convenient to use, easy to clean and store, it's also perfect for home sports and entertainment. This is one of the reasons why air track mats are so popular.  

About product installation

First, you need to open the box. If you use a sharp object, please be careful not to cut too deep or too hard, because it is easy to leave cuts or scratches on the surface of air track mat.

air track

  1. Make sure there is no fire or sharp objects around when using it.
  2. Make sure the inflatable matis placed in a dry place, when unfolding the mat, you will see an inflation valve on the side, which can be pushed in and out. The "out" position keeps the air inside the cushion, and the "in" position lets the air out for easy deflation. When inflating, make sure the valve is in the out position, then grab the air pump to the grey tipped nozzle and inflate with the foot pump or the blower.


The craftsmanship and material

The craftsmanship and materials are both very important. The air track mats produced by our suppliers are generally modeled by traditional inflatable heat and technology, and the material is made of 0.9mm PVC mesh. Then it is hand-pasted with new wire drawing materials imported from South Korea, and coated on both sides. Therefore, general inflatable gymnastics mats will choose regular inflatable manufacturers. This air track mat is far superior to traditional sponge air cushions in terms of elasticity, comfort and convenience. In addition, the size of the air track mat can be customized according to customer requirements. Thus, whether your room is smaller or large, choosing the most suitable mat is not hard for you.


Pick an air track mat for home use now

Air track mats are the perfect solution if you want to practice some gymnastics skills or some sport movements. Come to Kameymall and choose an air track mat to do what you are planning to do, Kameymall is a convenient online shopping site that provides customers with the best products. Hope you have a wonderful shopping time here.

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