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The Way To Prevent Wig Falling Off

May, 09, 2022

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If your wig is very embarrassing to fall off in public, is there any good way to prevent the wig from falling off? The best way is to make the wig fit you. There are more and more styles of wigs for people to choose form, and their designs are getting more and more advanced. If the wig is worn properly, the possibility of falling off will be reduced.

However, if you don't wear the correct size, you are likely to lose your wig. Kameymall will share some tips to help you wear the wig correctly.

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Measure the size of your wig

Before you plan to buy a wig, you need to know your wig size. It’s easy to find out. What you need is a soft measuring tape. To determine your size, measure the circumference from the nape of your neck to your hairline.


How to prevent the wig from slipping off
Even if you wear a wig of the right size, you may still feel anxious. If you are still worried and thinking the included adjustable straps in your wig are not enough, you have other options. Using a hair pin, you can secure the wig to your natural hair.

Wig glue and tape are also good choices. A tiny dab is all you need. Wash it off with water after you finish wearing the wig in one day.

If you have little or no hair, hair clips and combs are not suitable. If this is your case and you want a more secure fit, try out a liner or band.


Modern wigs have definite staying power

The advancement of wig have given us features like adjustable straps and ear tabs. If you’re wearing wig in correct size, your wig is not likely to fall off. In addition, for extra protection, you can always take extra precautions, including bobby pins or wig bands. Let your wig fit more firmly, you can also do it.


Choose high quality wigs
Of course, you also have to choose high quality wigs for a longer use time. Welcome to Kameymall and choose your favorite styles, human hair wigs are recommended.

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