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Can People Sleep In Their Wigs

May, 09, 2022

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For the girls who wear wigs every day, it took a few hours to braid the natural hair and then glue the wig. Of course, we hope it can stay as long as possible, because our time is very precious, especially when we have a very busy schedule.

Some people like to wear wigs when they sleep because it takes too much for them to wear and fix the wig . But you have to take good care of it to avoid messy and tangled hair, especially the human hair wigs, they need more maintenance.

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So, when we sleep with wigs, what can we do to protect our hair and keep comfortable?

1. Braid or tie your wig into a ponytail to reduce friction. A short wig will be an issue but if you can clip it or hold it in place with bobby pins it will be better for your wig.

2.Wear a sleep cap, or wrap a scarf around your head and tie a loose knot on the nape of your neck to protect the lace wig.

3. Buy a silk pillowcase. It will help avoid friction and protects your wig from tangling or being damaged.

4.Untie your head wrap in the next morning and style the wig with your fingers, and brush off all the tangles from the hair to prevent your wig from frizzing and matting.

5.Some people lose their hair due to chemotherapy, but they prefer to wear a wig and do things to make themselves happy. In these cases, buy a cheaper synthetic wig before going to bed and put the nice human hair wig on a wig stand for the daytime.



No matter how good we take care of the wig when sleeping in it, we should wash and maintain our wigs at least once a week like treat our natural hair, and more frequently in hot weather. Because sleeping or working overtime every night in a lace wig will shorten the life of the wig, your natural hair also needs nourishment and rest time.


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