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Home news Product If You Are Quarantined (Part 1)
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If You Are Quarantined (Part 1)

Jun, 23, 2022

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Since 2020, the Newcastle Pneumonia epidemic has spread rapidly around the world, with serious consequences. Everyone unfortunate enough to be infected with the virus is at risk of deterioration of all bodily functions or even loss of life. Moreover, the New Coronavirus is particularly contagious. It is therefore important that we all take precautions - after all, we only live once. The country has been working hard to prevent and control the New Coronavirus outbreak in the face of such a great dilemma. Then, there may be people who face the possibility of being quarantined if you pass through some high-risk areas or have had contact with an infected person.

The most common is actually home isolation. Then, so many people are very distressed because when they are in isolation for seven or fourteen days, they don't know what they can do. Today, I am trying to make your life more enriching and meaningful while in isolation, if you prepare an air track mat.

air track mat
What is the air track

Have you ever seen a gymnastics mat in a gym? It has a white front and a border colour that we can choose ourselves. The whole mat has a youthful look to it. The mats are usually between 2 and 6 metres long, 1 metre wide and 10 to 20 centimetres high. However, we can customise it to suit our needs.
So, with the air track mat, what can we do at home during quarantine? In these two articles, I will share for you.


First of all, the most familiar activity is actually yoga. With the air track mat, you can protect yourself from injury during yoga and it provides you with a yoga space.
Yoga involves moving the joints of the body and pulling the muscles and soft tissues around the joints, thus preventing bone and joint diseases, as well as having a shaping effect, improving the body's posture and preventing lumbar spondylosis and cervical spondylosis.


If you want to know more about the air track mat, or if you want to know what you can do at home with this mat, please stay tuned to our articles. If you want to buy the air track mat, Kameymall is without a doubt the best choice.

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