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Home news Product Will You Feel Hot Wearing Human Hair Wigs?
straight lace front human hair wigs

Will You Feel Hot Wearing Human Hair Wigs?

Jun, 23, 2022

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Everyone is different to the perception of temperature, here also can not categorically answer "hot" or "not hot", of course, then hot summer also can not melt the za this pursuit of beautiful heart.  The problem is put first, we understands the basic craft of wig first, basically cent is big for two kinds: mechanism and hand weave.  


Mechanism of wig  

First of all, tie the hair into pieces of hair curtain, and then fix the hair curtain to the bottom of the net with a machine. Most of the production process of this kind of product is completed by the machine, so the labor cost is lower, the price is more advantageous than hand-woven products, suitable for human hair wigs beginners and people who need to change their hair styles frequently. However, there are also some limitations of the mechanism :(1) the direction of the hair curtain is fixed, and it is difficult to change the shape in the later stage. (2) due to the way the hair curtain is stacked and fixed, it is slightly heavier and less breathable than hand-woven products  

human hair wig

Hand-woven wig  

Presumably you are not too strange to this word, as the name implies, by artificial hand crochet hair on the bottom of the net, to achieve the effect of human imitation of long flow. Compared with the mechanism, this kind of process takes a long time and high labor cost, and it takes at least 20-40 days to make a hand-woven wig.  


Advantages of hand knitting :(1) clear hair root, make hair effect more three-dimensional, natural and fluffy; (2) thinner, more breathable.  

From the appearance, hair full, natural fluffy want to wear more comfortable, as far as possible or choose hand-woven wig also have a small partner to ask, is it better to pass the needle.  First of all, the needle transfer process is a kind of hand hook process, the effect is like growing from the human scalp, is also commonly known on the market "simulation scalp".  


About pass needle craft roughly explain: the hair hook on a layer of net, and then on a layer of visual similar scalp yarn, the hair hook on the net with a needle root pass from the yarn in the past, and finally in the hook hair side apply beautiful and comfortable net surface.  This kind of process is more complex than other ordinary hand knitting process, manual time-consuming, so the price will be more expensive than ordinary hand knitting. For more information on buying hand-woven wigs contact the Kameymall team!  

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