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Enjoy Bubble Zorb Ball Fighting On May Day

Apr, 28, 2022

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International Labour Day is coming up on May 1. Do you have a holiday? I work in China and get five days off, starting on 30 April and running until 4 May. Do you want to know what I have planned for a rare five-day holiday? I want to experience a new game, bubble zorb ball fighting.


The zorb ball, which you'll be familiar with if you follow us regularly, is a giant, inflatable sphere made up of two layers of clear plastic balls. The two layers of plastic balls are protected by an air-filled gap between them. The traditional zorb ball is 3 metres high and can hold two people. However, as more and more zorb ball games become available, the size of the zorb ball has become more diverse accordingly, so you can purchase a zorb ball of the appropriate size for your actual needs. The zorb ball used in the game I intend to introduce you to next is smaller than the traditional zorb ball, as it has to be worn on the body.


Bubble fighting

The rules of this game are simply that players each wear the zorb ball and fight each other, the zorb ball is protective and therefore both bumping and bouncing is possible. Firstly, you need to find a fighting field for this game. Secondly, it can be a one-on-one battle or a mixed battle, an individual game or a team game. Participants put on their bubble ball suits and enter the arena where they start knocking back other players. The game continues until there is only one player left in the arena. That remaining player is then declared the winner.


You will love this game, first of all, it will give you an experience like no other, because you must not have experienced live fighting, and there is even a chance that you have never played the zorb ball. In addition, it will help you to release your stress - after all, the process of fighting is actually a cathartic one.



Are you tired from work? Do you want to relax a bit? If you want to relax, I think this game is the best choice. First you need to come to Kameymall and get yourself a the zorb ball, then invite a few friends to play with you.

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