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person in inflatable bubble zorb ball

What An Interesting Bubble Ball Game!

Jun, 27, 2022

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Today, let's talk about a fun game which is called Protect the President. Let's start with the rules of the game.

Each participant is wearing a bubble human hamster ball. we have to divide all the participants into two teams and identify one of each team as the "president" and the other team members as the "agents". The playing field was then divided into two parts, one for each of the two "countries", and each "country" would start the game at either end of the field, with the president at the back. there were two different ways to play this game. Let's look at the first one. When the game starts, all participants of each team must attack the other president while protecting their own president. With both teams attacking each other, the last president standing wins. The second way of playing requires each team to play only offensively or defensively for a period of one minute. team A attacks and attacks the president of team B. If they knock out the president of team B by the end of the minute, they will be able to play the game. If they knock down the president before the end of the minute they get 1 point, if not, team B gets 1 point. Each team rotates until one team reaches three points.

bubble zorb ball
Understanding Bubble Ball

First of all, we need to know a little about the prop needed for this game, the Bubble Ball. Officially known as the zorb ball, it is a double-layered, large, clear plastic ball made primarily of PVC, which is puncture and abrasion resistant. The size of this sphere is between one metre four and three metres and what we have in the picture is basically a game bubble ball, not the same as a land zorb ball.
In this game, it is thanks to the bubble ball that we can bump into each other without getting hurt and experience the sensation of bumping into each other and rolling around on the ground.

Things to note

If you are going to experience this game, I have some cautions for you. Firstly, you should not bring sharp objects into the human hamster ball as this may cause damage to the zorb ball. Secondly, if you plan to experience the game outdoors, you can actively avoid weather that is too harsh and venues that are too dangerous. For example, you should try not to play it outside when it is too hot, too cold or rainy and windy.


If you want to experience bubble balls at some parties, you can buy some at Kameymall. I am sure they will give you some surprises.

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