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Play Special Soccer With A Zorb Ball

Apr, 18, 2022

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Zorb ball is one of the most popular thrill games of recent years. It gives you the feeling of weightlessness and excitement as you tumble downwards from a great height. Typically, you can simply experience rolling down a slope of around 30 degrees, which is the most traditional way to play. Nowadays, more and more games are designed to be played in a bubble zorb ball. Today I am going to share one such game with you.

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Rules of Bubble Soccer

How do you play zorb ball football? The rules are the same as for football, the ball is placed in the middle of the field. However, players equipped with a bubble zorb ball should keep a distance of at least 10 feet from the ball and no more than 20 feet from it.
Bubble zorb players are not allowed to hold the ball. If they do, they may receive a penalty of up to 2 minutes (like hockey) and they must withdraw from the game. Their team will be missing a player until their penalty time has expired.
When the ball goes out of bounds, the referee will throw the ball back into the field of play. And, there is no offside rule in foam football.



You can choose between an outdoor pitch or an indoor pitch, each with its own advantages. An outdoor pitch looks more open and gives everyone a more relaxed and free feeling, but if it is windy, rainy or too hot, an outdoor pitch is not suitable. However, if the weather is windy, rainy or too hot, the outdoor area is not suitable. The indoor area can ignore the bad weather and you can play the game at any time.



Do you want to experience bubble football? Do you want to play football with your friends in a different way? Then get yourself a bubble zorb ball, you can get the product you want at Kameymall.

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