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Home news Product Tips How Can You Calm Your Girlfriend Down?
bubble zorb ball for dating activities

How Can You Calm Your Girlfriend Down?

Jul, 06, 2022

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Hello everyone, I hope the reader of this article is a guy because guys are always wondering how to calm down their girlfriends when they get angry. Today, I'm here to teach you a method that is sure to be effective.
Do you see the picture below? There are five guys in the picture, each wearing a giant clear plastic sphere, or bubble ball, or zorb ball, as we call it, and the five guys are banging together, looking very funny and comical. Imagine that in life. You don't really get the chance to bump into people, because it can easily lead to injuries. But don't you really want to experience the zorb ball?

zorb ball

Learn about the zorb ball

Let's bring it back. Today I'd like to introduce you to the zorb ball, which is a great way to bring your girlfriend along when she's angry. The zorb ball in the picture is, as we described above, a huge transparent plastic ball, 1.5 metres high. When you wear it, if you stand straight up, it covers your head and upper body, exposing only your lower legs. And if you contract your legs upwards a little, it can take you tumbling across the grass.

Let your girlfriend take the heat out of you by banging you
When you make your girlfriend angry, she'll want to hit you. This is where the zorb ball comes into play. You take your girlfriend to find a reliable grassy area, i.e. an open grassy area free of obstacles and sharp objects, and start the game by putting on a bubble ball each. When you and your girlfriend start to collide, you must not push too hard and you must remember that your girlfriend is angry, so you should let her off the hook. She may knock you off your feet, but with the zorb ball protecting you, not only will you not get hurt, you'll also get the thrill of the tumble. Plus, maybe she'll get over it a few more times and care if you get hurt in return.

So, if you want to experience such an exciting collision game, you can come to Kameymall and take home the giant bubble ball pictured here. Place your order now and you can get $50 off the market price.

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