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What Are Durable Safety Shoes

Apr, 19, 2022

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Safety shoes and boots are durable footwear with a protective re-enforced toe that helps to protect the foot from falling debris and compression, most safety shoes are now fitted with a mid sole plate to protect the foot from punctures and they really are designed for optimum safety.

They are usually worn on construction sites or in industrial environments and they usually have a steel toe, but there are now more styles that use composite materials. All safety shoes for women are marked to indicate their international standard and level of protection against impact, electric shock and chemical hazards. Back in the 1970s, safety boots were seen as the footwear of skinheads and punks, but today they seem to be used strictly for work wear rather than fashion wear.

What are the different styles of safety footwear

There is a huge range of safety footwear on the market these days, so choosing the right safety footwear can be a somewhat daunting task. Metatarsal safety shoes provide foot protection where it is needed most. The metatarsals in the foot form two arches, one in the centre of the foot and the other underneath the ball of the foot; these are very fragile bones so keeping them protected is vital.

Increasingly, people are turning to composite safety shoes or safety shoes known as Comp Toe as they are lighter compared to steel toe caps. They are really suitable for working in electrical and hazardous environments and are made up of a range of composite materials, including plastic and carbon fibre.

Keen Safety Boots

Another type of safety shoes from Kameymall that is better known is ESD or electrostatic shoes. If you work in an environment where there is a build up of static electricity then these are the right shoes for you. They help to reduce the amount of current flowing through the shoe to the ground, therefore greatly reducing the risk of electrocution.

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