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Know About Water Walking Zorb Ball

Apr, 19, 2022

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Do you know how to swim? Do you believe that people who can't swim can play freely in the water without a life preserver? I do believe, because I know of a sport called water walking ball. Today let's take a look at this new, special and different kind of ball.

Introduction to water walking ball

It is a water zorb ball, also known as a water walking ball, is an inflatable sphere made of transparent plastic, with which you can walk, run or even roll freely on water. You may see different sizes of water walking balls on the market. Usually, it is 2 metres (6 feet 7 inches) in diameter and has a zipped entrance for quick access.

If you follow the news we post every day, you will be familiar with the zorb ball. It differs from a normal zorb ball in two main ways. The first is that the water walking ball has only one layer of plastic, whereas the zorb ball for use on slopes is made up of two different sized layers of plastic clear balls, with air filling the space between the two layers. The second main difference is the number of zips. A grass zorb ball or a hillside zorb ball both have two zips, whereas a water walking ball has only one.

Water walking is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. To be honest, water polo balls are really cool. They have been featured in music videos and films since 1971. They just weren't available to the public at the time. But today, they can be found in marinas, lakes, swimming pools, theme parks and even shopping malls. They are super fun for children and adults alike.

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Would you like to experience a water walking ball? Do you want to try walking or running on water? Then get yourself a water walking ball. Where can you find such a special zorb ball? You can come and have a look at Kameymall.

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