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high quality air track mat cheap

Buy Yourself A Perfect Air Track Mat

Jan, 16, 2023

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Gymnastics is considered to be the most outstanding event in other competitions. Like any other competition, it needs a very suitable and adaptable body. In this way, it is best to start gymnastics classes from an early age.

Children can learn gymnastics faster because their bodies are adaptable and they also have considerable energy. To this end, you can buy some cheap air track mat home. In any case, you need to ensure that every safety and basic precaution is taken.

good quality air mat
What to consider before buying an air track mat

If you're going to be doing some training or sports at home, I think you need an air track gymnastics mat. It can reduce the risk of injury while exercising. And they are easy to carry and are becoming more and more popular.

With so many different mats on the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to picking. Many inflatable air track mats look similar, but if you dig deeper, you'll find subtle differences.

High quality materials, special valves, air pumps and even handles are all things you need to consider when buying a mat.


Choose the best air track


High-quality materials include double-walled fabrics and commercial-grade PVC tarps, but you may find lower-grade materials hold up well enough. Heat-welded PVC is more susceptible to environmental effects, such as extreme heat from the Australian sun.

Many of the air track on the market are made mechanically or with large amounts of inferior materials. While this reduces costs, the quality of the product is not guaranteed.

Length of air track

3 metre air tracks: 3 metres is the standard air track length and is a perfect entry-level, all-rounder air track for cheerleading, gymnastics and parkour. About air track mat, our 3 metre mats are versatile, lightweight products that are perfect for home and gym use.

They come in a range of colors and have fitted velcro strips so you can connect tracks to extend tumble runs. They are made from durable, high-grade 0.9 mm matt PVC. All of our air tracks are UV resistant, reach compliant, and CE approved.

4 metre air tracks: If you need a little more length, 4 metre air tracks provide a longer safe space for landing, tumbling and somersaults. 6 metre air tracks: And if you’ve got the space, a 6 metre air track is the perfect gym alternative when you need an XL landing surface.

Depth of air track

10cm Air Tracks: The standard gymnastic air track mat depth is 10cm, which with high pressure, provides a stable, soft landing for most jumps and moves. The 10cm depth mimics the same bounce as a gymnastics floor making skills easily transferred back in the gym.

20cm air tracks: For an increased bounce a 20cm depth air track is the perfect solution for all levels of athletes. A 20cm depth air track can be used at both high and low pressure to provide a low impact, stable landing and better height for jumps. The increased bounce will make skills easier to master.

Something else

Valves are important when you have to expand quickly. The air pump may or may not be part of your purchase, so you need to read the product description carefully. In addition, manual pumps may not be as useful as electric ones, which save time and effort.

Handles and bags of the mat facilitate the transportation of it. Velcro edges can help protect the mat or allow you to attach multiple mats. Not all air track mats come with Velcro, but these you need to consider.

pink air track mat
The air track mat can be a slide

Nothing is more suitable for summer than water activities in the backyard! Running through sprinklers, throwing water balls, and even iconic slides. From children to adults, people of all ages can slide down the long, upside-down slide to enjoy the cool feeling.

The excitement for the whole family is actually much easier than you think. Get out your air track and have fun! Did you know that your airtight air track mat is also waterproof, making it the perfect slide in your backyard?

Unlike the easily torn slides bought in stores, each air track is hand bonded with durable double-layer fabrics and reinforced seams. Your mat is ready! We will give you some suggestions to turn your air track into a homemade slide.

Three steps to turn mat into slide

Find a perfect place: When you take the air track mat for gymnastics outside, it is a good idea to clear the surrounding area of rocks or sharp objects. A large grassland is an ideal place for you to play in the sun, but remember that any hill or slope will increase your power. Direct sunlight will make the runway hot until cool water is sprayed.

Persisting in landing: Like a gymnast imagining her routine. Be sure to determine the position of your mat to ensure your safe landing. You should avoid slipping off mats into trees, plants or garden. In order to get extra fun, you can put your air track on the edge of the pool and slide straight into the water.

Add the Slip to Your Air Track Slide: Now the fun begins! Using the garden hose, deeply immerse your air track from the top of the chute to the bottom. To increase the softness of the mat, use a small amount of baby soap or shampoo. Baby shampoo is the first choice because it is gentle for the eyes, unlike soap. On those particularly hot days, run your lawn sprinkler to create a misty rain tunnel over each slider.

What will the air track do for you

Improve your skills

Air track mat provides superior bounce and protection. So you can take your jumps to a whole new level, even the most difficult somersaults. The mat can withstand any type of impact generated during training and is ideal for all types of exercises.

Not only you can use these mats indoors but also you can use it outdoors. These mats can help you make places like gyms, swimming pools and stadiums safer. Therefore, the air track mat can turn any surface into a training ground, whether it is a high-altitude or long jump landing, or an accidental fall during training.

Enhance your confidence

Using the safety and comfort of these air track mats, you can confidently try new moves and learn your sport or art faster. Your students can easily gain the confidence to stand up by knowing this area of practice is safe.

As a student, when you learn any form of sports or activities, you can improve your confidence level. These mats are suitable for use at home, so you can increase your practice time in a comfortable home.

Achieve your goals

The air track tumbling mat is easy to use and portable enough to move. When you're not using them, you can fold them up and put them under your bed. They make your training program more effective and you can achieve better results with higher goals.

Some questions about air track mat

What’s the difference between air track and tumbling mat

Traditional tumble track provides cushioning, but it functions more like a trampoline and it use the same general-purpose technology. Home gymnastics air track uses air to create a mat and offer spring and resistance.

Using a conventional tumbling track requires no power to set up and is less expensive. On the contrast, inflatable air tracks require manual or electrical to inflate, but they are easy to store because they inflate and fold into compact sizes. Check out our article on the difference between an air track and a tumbling mat.

Is air track mat safe

Air track tumble mat is one of the best choices for home use because of their portability (they can be stored and transported by ventilation). With a quick setup in mind, you can take the mat out for practice, then you can pack up the mat and put it away for other uses.

What pressure to use for an air track

The appropriate pressure depends on the user's weight and type of exercise. It is necessary to consult the user manual to determine the appropriate pressure. You can adjust "resilience" to your needs. Most products will offer charts based on activity and weight, but the common rule is to add adequate air in order that you don't bottom out.

How much do an air track weigh

It hinges on the brand, size and materials. Although air track mats are often light enough to be transported when deflated, which doesn't mean they weigh the same. Based on our study, you will find a significant weight difference, ranging from 20 pounds to 45 pounds.

How long can air track last

Heavily used air track may not last as long as those that are used occasionally. In addition, how you take care of the mat will also affect its longevity. Proper storage and maintenance will have a huge difference.

huge inflatable mat
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