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Home news Product Worried About Alopecia? Headband Wigs Be A Key
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Worried About Alopecia? Headband Wigs Be A Key

Jan, 18, 2023

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Alopecia is sometimes known as a hair loss disease. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that creates patchwork baldness and irreversible loss of hair. Hair transplant surgeries and cosmetic implants are effective solutions to this hair loss problem.


However, both these options present you with a great burden on your budget. If you want to camouflage your hair loss without spending much, then it is better to wear headband wigs on your head.


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Wigs Be The Key

Let's say you have alopecia, your hair suddenly starts falling out, and now your scalp is visible. You started to feel awkward and avoid social events. In this case, have you been frightened that no wig can solve the awkwardness? Do you worry there is no proper wig out there and you have to sacrifice your fashion?


We understand that those are common concerns for people suffering from hair loss. But you don't have to be upset at all! Confront it and find a great wig on the market now! There is a huge selection of wigs regardless of your condition as long as you know how to choose the right one.


So let's take a look at how to pick the best headband wigs for alopecia.


Alopecia Type Affect Wig Type

Anyone with alopecia is free to wear any type of wig that suits them, but the type of alopecia that you have may have an impact on the type of wig that is most suitable for you.


It is common for people with alopecia areata to develop bald patches in certain areas of the head—most commonly toward the crown. If this is the case, your hair could still look as it usually does, but only one part of your head appears to be suffering from hair loss, so it may only affect one area of your head.


If this part is towards the crown or middle of the head, and you intend to use a wig to cover this area, thus a wig topper might be enough.

A wig topper, as opposed to a full wig, is essentially used only on the top of your head. They're easy to apply, they don't take a long time to dry, and you still get to show off your own natural hair. In addition, if you find a topper that is colored headband wigs and fits well with your hair type and color, it can appear very realistic in people’s eyes.


Human Or Synthetic: Which Is Better

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There are many factors that come into play when choosing which type of wig you should choose for your alopecia. If you are aware that you will be wearing a wig for a long period of time due to your alopecia, a human hair option will be more cost effective and can last you for years with proper care.


Even if you wear wigs just occasionally, a synthetic wig can still offer as much of a life-changing experience as a wig made from human hair, provided you wear it with a reasonable budget.


Toppers Or Half Wigs: Which Is Better

As mentioned earlier, toppers and half wigs are excellent options if you suffer from alopecia areata. If your hair loss is limited to the top of your scalp, you may want to consider toppers as opposed to full length wigs. Since toppers only cover the top of your head, they are a better choice than long wigs which cover the whole head.


Additionally, there are also half wigs available if you want to try a different style or if you are looking for a more subtle look.


There are a variety of half-wigs to suit a variety of tastes at Kameymall, which can be found at


If You Need Full Wigs

There are two types of alopecia: alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis, which both lead to complete loss of hair on the scalp and over the entire body.


If alopecia toalis is the one you are suffering at the moment, it is highly recommended that you experiment with full wigs if you suffer from either of these forms of alopecia and wish to try them out because they cover the entire head.


We at Kameymall provide a wide range of full length wigs including a deep wave headband wig, to ensure that there are wigs available to suit any style, without compromising on comfort or style. Whether you are looking for the best wigs for alopecia or are interested in full wigs, it is much easier for you to get what you want at our mall.


Find A Good Wig

best colored hair wigs


Other than the types of wigs described above, here are some other tips you may want to keep in mind when looking for the best wigs for alopecia sufferers.


In choosing a wig for yourself, you should choose one that is tailored to your personal style, since different types of wigs require different levels of wig care and commitment. If you have a busy schedule or are new to the world of wigs, then it will be easier to maintain a closure wig than a face frontal wig.


In the selection of your wig, take the time to consider what kind of look you are looking for. When you know what kind of look you are going for, it will help you narrow down the choices. Also, consider how much change you are looking for and if you want to have further research about wigs to help yourself make an informed decision.


A wig can be made to look more realistic in many ways, but if you have long and blond natural hair, and you switch to the type of wig that is short and dark, the people who are around you may ask if it is real or if it is just a wig.


At this moment, it might be a good idea to stick to a wig that resembles your natural hair for a while until you gain the confidence to try something different if you are concerned that such questions might make you uncomfortable.


As an example, if you wish to appear dynamic and versatile, then it may be a good idea to try a braided headband wig as it will provide you with more confidence and style.


It is also possible to try different types of wigs to see what works best for you. If you can get the chance to go to a wig salon or stylist to try some wigs on, then I would suggest you do so!


Having your wigs included in this stage would be beneficial to you as you'll be able to experiment with lengths, cuts, and colors, and you will find which type of wig feels most comfortable for you.


However, because of the popularity of online shopping, many people may not want to shop for wigs in physical stores as they may not find them inconvenient. It has become more common for people to purchase wigs online rather than going to a local store.


Our mall provides a quick snapshot of each wig from different angles, so our customers can get a good idea of what to expect.


Put On A Wig

Obviously, if you are living with alopecia and want to wear wigs to cover up your thinning hair, then you do not want to risk causing trauma to your natural hair or skin by using harsh methods for attaching them to your head.


The use of combs, clips, and glue are common ways of attaching wigs, but that does not mean they are the best solutions for people suffering from alopecia, especially those with hair loss. What’s worse, extra hair loss, thinning, and breakage can all be caused by these products.


If you're suffering from alopecia, it's better to use a wig attachment method that is alopecia-friendly, such as the wig grip band. Made from skin friendly material, skin-soft silicone is a wonderful hair gripper that is designed to hold wigs securely in place, with its non-slip grip.


It is normally worn under your wig and over your wig cap, if you wear one, the silicone provides natural gripping power to keep your wig in place and to prevent further damage to your hair and skin while keeping your wig in place. Those who suffer from alopecia are also going to find this product to be a must-have buddy.



quality headband wigs


There is no doubt that the role of wigs has evolved beyond simply covering up flaws or alleviating embarrassment. Besides serving the basic function of concealing one's hair, wigs can also make its users more stylish and confident, delivering them greater self-esteem when going out.


It is time for you to stop hiding at home and sighing to yourself all day long. Make your way to our mall to find the perfect wig for you. You can again be the center of attention at social gatherings if you wear one of our trendy and cheap headband wig.

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