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I Like Black Safety Shoes

May, 11, 2022

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What colour shoes do you like? I recently planned to purchase a pair of safety shoes as my working environment required me to choose a suitable pair for myself. I am a female employee on a construction site. When working, there is no doubt that I need a reliable pair of smash and puncture resistant safety shoes to protect my feet. However, recently I have been confused about the purchase of safety shoes. What colour shoes should I buy?

Frankly speaking, as a woman. I am also a beauty lover, so I also struggled with what colour safety shoes for women to choose, but after some thought I decided to go for black safety shoes, even though they are not pretty. Why do I like black? Let me share with you.

Blue Steel Safety Shoes

Dirt resistance


Although I would have liked to wear a nice pair of brightly coloured safety shoes, I have come to realise that on our construction sites, even if you wear clean and brightly coloured shoes, you can easily get them dirty. Imagine wearing a dirty pair of small white shoes - are they significantly uglier than black shoes?

Don't black safety shoes get dirty? Actually, they do. In such a working environment, any shoe will get dirty. However, black safety shoes are not really that noticeable when they get dirty.


They absorb heat

If it's winter, black safety shoes are my favourite. In the cold winter months, working on a construction site in a windy environment will inevitably make you shiver. Black safety shoes can absorb the heat from the sun better and make you feel more comfortable, although the effect is not as pronounced.



Buy black safety shoes from China

Chinese safety shoes are of better quality and, due to the high level of mechanisation and the abundance of population resources in China, the cost of Chinese safety shoes is lower and the market price is naturally lower. Therefore, you can get a reliable pair of safety shoes for less money. If you want to buy Chinese safety shoes, welcome to Kameymall.

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