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Home news Product Wearing Safety Shoes On The Plane Is Allowed
safety shoes good quality from Kameymall

Wearing Safety Shoes On The Plane Is Allowed

May, 11, 2022

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It is well known that the non-use or incorrect use of foot protection not only poses a potential hazard to safety on site, but also greatly endangers the health of workers. Different workplaces therefore require different protection measures. Safety shoes were created for this purpose.

Good Steel Toe Work Boots

Safety shoes are shoes that have been specifically designed to protect our feet. Depending on their function, safety shoes can be divided into many different types, such as anti-static safety shoes, anti-puncture safety shoes, waterproof and anti-slip safety shoes, anti-acid and alkaline safety shoes, etc. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can buy your own safety shoes for men or safety shoes for women. for example, if you work on construction sites for long periods of time, then you definitely need a pair of anti-smash safety shoes.


Can safety shoes be worn on aeroplanes?

As safety shoes are more versatile and powerful, they are made of a different material to normal shoes. Many safety shoes may have steel plates. So the question arises, can a passenger wearing safety shoes with steel plates be allowed to board an aircraft? Let's take a look at this topic together.
After my investigation, labour safety shoes with steel plates can get on the plane, but you will be asked to take off your shoes when you go through security and your shoes go through the conveyor belt.


The importance of safety shoes

Safety shoes are worn to protect our feet from injury at work, if there is a falling object at work to smash the foot, or if there are sharp objects on the ground that can also pierce the sole of the shoe causing a puncture wound to the foot. The front of the safety shoe has a steel toe to protect the toes from being crushed by heavy objects and from the impact of heavy objects falling on them. The bottom of the safety shoe has a steel plate added so that it will ensure that if you step on a sharp object you will not puncture your foot and injure it.

Safety shoes are also available with different features to suit different types of work and different occasions. For example, they are anti-static, electrically insulated, anti-slip, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant and high temperature resistant. It is therefore necessary for companies to provide safety shoes for their employees to ensure that they are not injured at work.



If you want to buy a pair of safety shoes that suits you, you can come and visit Kameymall.

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