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I Purchased Some Zorb Balls Online

May, 21, 2022

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Hello everyone, I am a player who loves to experience the zorb ball. If you don't know what the zorb ball is, let me give you a brief introduction. the zorb ball is a giant sphere made of double plastic balls of different sizes, three metres high and looking like a big balloon. To experience the game, people have to get into the zorb ball or put it on their bodies. Between the two layers of plastic balls are air-filled gaps to keep us safe. the zorb ball comes in a variety of sizes as the zorb ball becomes more playable. We can buy the zorb ball in different sizes to suit our gaming needs.

I was recently torn between buying a few zorb balls for me and my family to play with. The main reason I am struggling is that the zorb balls are available to rent from companies that specialise in the zorb ball rental. So why should I buy my own? But then I decided to buy a few zorb balls myself and let me explain why.

zorb ball
I like team games

Personally, I think the decision to buy the zorb ball depends on what we like to play, how often we play, etc. First of all, I actually rarely experience the traditional way of playing the zorb ball, which is tumbling down a slope with the zorb ball, because it's hard to find a suitable venue near our house, even without a gravity park. For me, it is more fun to experience team games with family or friends, so bubble football, the zorb ball team tumbling competition is something we play a lot, which requires us to prepare between 2 and 6 zorb balls.

I play a lot

I really like the zorb ball because it protects us so much that we can do things that we are not normally allowed to do, such as hitting each other and tumbling on the ground while playing football. Normally we could easily get hurt if we did that. Therefore, I play almost once a weekend, especially with my family. If I needed to rent the zorb ball every time I wanted to experience it, it would be a big expense. So I might as well buy some myself, after all the zorb ball is very durable.


If you are also interested in the zorb ball's various games and if you experience them regularly, it is worth considering coming to Kameymall to buy some zorb balls.

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