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the zorb ball you can enjoy

Why Not Zorb In Canada Olympic Park?

Aug, 10, 2022

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Do you see the picture below? In the picture there is a huge clear plastic sphere that has been placed on the grass with some trees around it. The huge ball looks as if it is double-layered, with an air-filled gap left between two different sized balls of clear plastic. The shocking thing was that there were people inside this ball. I found out later that the ball is called the zorb ball, which is 3 metres in diameter and is used for the new and exciting sport of zorbing.

zorb ball

Different ways of zorbing

In a word, zorbing is the process of tumbling down a slope with a huge double plastic ball inside the zorb ball or human hamster ball, giving players the full thrill and weightlessness of zorbing. Fixed zorbing is where you are held inside the zorb ball as you roll, while aqua zorbing is where you put some water in the zorb ball but you are not held inside the sphere. Finally, free-form zorbing is when you can move freely inside the giant ball as the zorb ball tumbles down the slope. So, where can you experience zorbing? Let's find out.

Canada Olympic Park, Calgary

Formerly known as Passacap Ski Hill, the park is now managed by WinSport Canada, Calgary's Olympic Association. The site is used both for training high-level athletes and for recreational purposes and is open to the public.

It is now the summer season. During the summer, the venue is used for a number of summer festivals, various outdoor sports (mountain biking, hiking, etc.), and rollerblading. They have a roller track with an artificial mound of dirt that prevents the ball from going off the track. The total length is about 600 feet. The ride lasts about 30 seconds, and while that doesn't sound like much, once you're strapped into the giant hamster ball, time gets slow. The feeling of disorientation and weightlessness as the ball rolls down the hill is thrilling and unique. Here you won't find hydro-rolling balls (balls half filled with water so that you can float and glide freely in them). Instead, you will only find the dry pulley version, where two people are strapped into the ball with a special harness. They call their rides Z-tripping. you can do this on weekends between 10am and 5pm. Groups of 10 or more are encouraged to book as the price per person will be lower. Prices range between $33 (single rider) and $25 depending on the group size factor. Before organising a trip you should check the official Winsport Canada website and ask for availability.


Do you want to buy the zorb ball? Do you want to avoid the queues? If so, you can come to Kameymall to buy a giant ball and have a fun time.

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