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Home news Product Have You Ever Tried Canvas Safety Shoes?
water resistant steel toe safety shoes

Have You Ever Tried Canvas Safety Shoes?

Apr, 20, 2022

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A few days ago, the article introduced the principle of different functions of safety shoes, so from today we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of different materials of safety shoes.

Safety Toe Shoe

Advantages and disadvantages caused by the material of canvas shoes

The first type is canvas safety shoes for women, everybody wears canvas shoes every day, but canvas shoes are probably rare. Because be in a few specific more dangerous working environment, the material of labor protection shoe is the material that compares wear-resisting and pressure-resistant waterproof and breathable commonly, and most advantageous is dermal material material labor protection shoe. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of labor protection shoes for canvas? Let's give you a detailed introduction

Canvas is a kind of thick cloth made of cotton and linen as raw materials. The advantage of canvas labor protection shoes is that canvas belongs to healthy and pollution-free materials, so we can rest assured to use qualified canvas fabrics. The main feature is strong and wear-resistant. In fact, many things in our daily life are made of canvas, and it has the function of waterproof. Some specific canvas has the function of fire prevention and radiation prevention. Canvas cloth is good stability, good air permeability, so as labor shoes, we can apply it in not very dangerous working environment, and canvas labor shoes are a good choice for summer.

The disadvantage of canvas is, should pass how many processing working procedure can increase the production cost of distributive labor protects shoe so, the price of finished product is met a few more expensive naturally. Canvas is not dirt resistant and may shrink after washing or being soaked by sweat, so it should be cleaned or maintained regularly. Otherwise it is easy to cause aging and deterioration damage.


How to buy better canvas shoes
At Kameymall, you can choose your favorite canvas safety shoes. We offer a more complete selection of categories and low prices, do not miss this precious opportunity.

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