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Remeber To Clear Your Safety Shoes On Time

Apr, 20, 2022

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As safety shoe maintenance knowledge platform, we have repeatedly mentioned the importance of labor protection shoes maintenance. In labor protection shoes maintenance procedures, cleaning is a very important part, because labor protection shoes production material and process is different, it is necessary to use different cleaning methods. So, how should labor protection shoes clean after all, what matters needing attention? Let's briefly introduce it to you.

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Choose the way of washing and protecting according to different shoe function types

We know, the performance of safety shoes for women that protects a shoe according to labor is different, the make material of labor protects a shoe and working procedure also have very big difference. Vamp makes material to have leather face, fabrics, chamede and suede to wait a moment, and sole has material such as fiber of rubber, polyester to form again. So, when cleaning labor protection shoes, also want to pay more attention to, choose the right way of cleaning.

For leather leather labor protection shoes, we can use wet cotton cloth or soft brush for cleaning, cleaning quickly to dry or drying. Or can use shoe polish to wait for maintenance supplies to undertake dry cleaning directly. It is best not to use water or disinfectant for a long time to soak, it is easy to cause damage to the shoe body, affecting the subsequent use of shoes. For suede, suede and other non-leather labor protection shoes, the small editor does not recommend washing with water directly, you can use special cleaning agent to wipe and dry, so as not to cause damage to the material of the upper or deformation of the shoe body.


Precautions after washing
After cleaning, remember not to put the shoes directly in the sun or close to the high temperature baking. In order to avoid the appearance of shoe sole glue or brittle cracking phenomenon, reduce the service life of shoes. Had better put in ventilated place natural air to dry perhaps use dryer to undertake drying, undertake better maintenance to labor protection shoe. Of course, if you want to extend the service life of safety shoes, it is important to choose high quality safety shoes. Kameymall provides the best platform for consumers to choose safety shoes. Our price is reasonable and the quality is high. Welcome to buy.

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