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How To Take Care Of Your Inflatable Zorb Ball?

Aug, 15, 2022

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In the picture this is a zorb ball, which is a double layer of a huge clear plastic ball. The picture below is really beautiful, the zorb ball looks like a crystal ball and is really fascinating when placed on the grass at night. Usually the zorb ball takes you down the slope and gives you a sense of excitement and weightlessness.



Why do we need to protect the zorb ball?


The zorb ball pictured here costs around $400, which is a bit expensive. If you don't protect it properly, you'll feel bad. Besides, zorbing is supposed to be an exciting and popular process, wouldn't you want to try it more than once?


Regardless of the product you buy, there are three main principles when it comes to caring for your inflatable. Maintaining, handling and storing your inflatable. It is good practice to keep the above points in mind as at the end of the day you have invested in these products and they will only last as long as you treat them.




How do I maintain the zorb ball?


The maintenance of your product varies from product to product, but the main and most basic maintenance is hygiene and cleanliness. Always wash your inflatable after use, or at least once a week if not in use. You can use detergent if you wish, but please test an area for any reaction before cleaning. Good warm soapy water will suffice and is usually the best option. Please note: dry completely before putting away.




How can I do it?


In fact, the service life of the zorb ball will depend to some extent on the quality of the product in question. However, first of all, always have a qualified or experienced person handling the inflatable product. Also, try to avoid dragging the inflatable product on the floor. And, do not use the handle for any other purpose than to hold it safely. Then, always remove dangerous objects from the user and operator, such as earrings and watches. Finally, make sure that the area where you are playing this game is free of any clutter or obstructions.




How do I store or stack the zorb ball?


You should always store your inflatable product in a cool, dry environment and at room temperature if possible. Store away from the ground and never in wet or cold environments, such as outdoors. Store inflatables under cover as much as possible. Do not store inflatables for long periods of time, certainly not longer than 3-4 weeks, and inflate them every 7 days before using them. Do not stack inflatables together to minimise the risk of damage.





Under normal circumstances, if you choose a zorb ball of acceptable quality and follow the steps above to maintain it, it will generally last for as long as you like. So, where can you buy a reliable zorb ball? Come to Kameymall!


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