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How Can You Do If Your Cats Like To Pee On The Air Track

Mar, 07, 2022

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Summer is coming and the weather is hotter and hotter, maybe your pet cats sleep on the air track mat and even pee on the mat when they are careless. Maybe you will be angry with how to wash and maintain the air track mat when your cats have this terrible hobby. It’s an interesting topic we could talk.

Gymnastic Air Track Mat
How can you wash the air track mat

There are six methods of cleaning air track mats.
(1) If there are stubborn stains on the air track mat, you can use a mild detergent and a brush to wipe them off.
(2) If the mat is made of EVC or polyethylene, simply rinse it off with water when cleaning.
(3) It is recommended to use a neutral detergent with a carpet extraction machine to clean the air track mat surface deep down every week.
(4) It is recommended to have 2 sets of air track mats, which can be used alternately and will extend their life.
(5) The carpet and rubber can be changed separately if they are worn.
(6) It is recommended to use a hoover every day, preferably of the rolling type, which will keep the appearance clean and remove dirt.

How can you care for the air track mat
(1)You can’t wash softly until you have time to wash the whole mat when you find there are a few dirty on your air track mat
(2)After washing the air track mat, many people would like to put it in the sun. It’s easy to make air track make a loss. So the best way to do is dry it naturally.(3)It’s more reasonable to cover the air track mat with some cloth when you needn’t use it.
(4)It can also avoid your cats sleep or pee once again if you store it in the secret place.

Welcome to Kameymall and buy one and store it secretly if your cat has the odd hobby, hurry up!

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