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How Can PE Teachers Do When Students Sleep On The Air Track Mat

Mar, 07, 2022

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During the study and research for new classes, maybe some PE teachers ask that a few students are lack of activities in the class and even fall asleep on the air track mat. Then after discussion, teachers find the conclusion. Students are too tired, however, it’s more likely they feel boring in the class.
But it doesn’t matter, there are some creative ways to use air track mats in your PE class and your students must be excited!

Air Track Sets
Regard the air track mat as the best assistant of teaching

It’s necessary for teachers to have a good assistant to have classes. Small mats as markers, they are both economic and practical, which can play an unexpected effect on teaching. For example, when students do useful exercises such as abdominal jumping, the mat can be folded into an "A", allowing students to jump with a solid ball between their feet before throwing over the mat.

Play the creative games with the help of the air track mat
Traditional sports in the class is a little boring for students. According to the safety and interest, making full of the characteristics of this kind of mat, teachers can organize some innovative games to give full play to the multiple functions of the mat and enliven the class atmosphere. For example, teachers can use small air track mats to build tunnels for drilling and crawling.

Ask students to run with various running ways
Traditional running way is boring for students. So in the teaching to run, teachers could ask students to use the mat to pose their own graphics, their own design route, with their unique design. Doing this inspires the students’ participation, subjectivity, stimulating the students’ interest in running. For example, teachers can hold the endurance running around the mat with a variety of mat pose graphics.

Update the teaching philosophy
So teachers must exploit the potential function of the air track mat to improve the quality of teaching and to enhance the health of students. Then how about knowing more about Kameymall and buy some tracks?


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