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Tank Tops And Different Exercise Intensity

Apr, 20, 2022

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Women are always caring for their figures and looking for ways to loose weight, and for them, wearing the right suit while exercising is very important for their comfort. To be honest, except for the sweatshirt, women can wear tank tops when doing sports for keeping health and comfortable.

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How to choose tank tops for different exercise intensity

Low-intensity sports.
The common low-intensity sports are walking, yoga, Pilates and so on, they are regarded as general fitness.
For sports women’s tank tops, the requirement for fixation is reduced and a simple fixed bra is usually sufficient.
A simple fixed bra is a layer of elastic mesh fabric, which is a pressure type of fixation, and it is advisable to choose a product with a high cotton content so as not to cause pressure on the chest.

Medium-intensity exercise.
Like skiing, golf, dance, rock climbing, these sports will consume a lot of physical energy.
Medium-intensity sports underwear mainly relies on the elastic fabric to form a certain pressure on the breast to achieve a fixed effect, compared to low-intensity sports underwear for more stringent requirements on the cut, requiring full consideration of the breast shape, structure and shoulder and back force and other factors.

High-intensity sports.
Including running, football, tennis, etc. Doing these exercise are beneficial for people’s health.
High-intensity sports, where the chest shakes most intensely during exercise, require the highest level of support and fixity for sports underwear, requiring both good fixity and no obvious discomfort or pressure on the chest.


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