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To Pay Attention To Snow Zorb Ball

Jul, 30, 2022

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Inflatable snow bumper balls are also known as "inflatable bumper balls". It can be used in a variety of places, such as grass, snow and icebergs, and is made of high-temperature heat-laminated material. Cold-resistant. Cold-resistant pieces are more good resistance. And the eye has hardness.

The basic introduction for snow zorbing

The snow human hamster ball is mainly suitable for people aged 3 years and above. It is also known as "inflatable bumper ball". It can be used in a variety of venues, including grass, snow and icebergs. It is made of high-temperature heat-laminated technology and is made of cold-resistant imported polyether, which is resistant to cold, colder and more resistant, and has the advantages of being hard, strong, elastic and low-temperature resistant.

There are two types of play
The one is fixed, the limbs and waist are fixed in the seat belt, the body tumbles with the ball; second is free walking type, the same fixed in the ball, the ball tumbles when people walk in the ball, if you keep in line with the ball, you can always keep the body upright in the ball. When playing, equipped with fixed straps, handles, safety straps and reinforced handles to give you a safe driving; safety entrance channel, in order to achieve high standards, and high security, set a safe entrance channel, to give you a playing experience.

Tips for snow zorb ball you need to pay attention to
1.The inflatable bumper ball requires a site free of sharp objects, ordinary ground or concrete ground to be carpeted.
2. It is forbidden to bring keys, mobile phones, glasses and sharp small ornaments into play.
3. Before use should check whether the product seal is intact, so click subscribe firmly.
4.Please use the product according to the "up" tips on the product, not upside down use.
5.You should carry the strap well and hold the handle tightly when playing.
6.Children should be supervised by their parents when playing.
7. Do not use if you are suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure or are physically weak.
8. No use in rain or gale force winds above level 3.

So if you are fond of the zorb ball, come to Kameymall and have a try! This zorb ball as you can see from this picture is called “Zorb Ball Inflatable Bubble Suit Black Dot 2.5M Tear Resistant Human Hamster Ball”, there are countless dots and maybe some players think it has a unique pretty sense. This size is 2.5m diameters so it’s bigger than others. If you select this zorb ball you can also receive some accessories, such as the carry bag for each ball and the repair kit. What’s more you should know how to maintain this zorb ball.

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