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Home news Product Tips How To Choose The Right Bikini For Yourself
sexy bikini swimwear of high quality

How To Choose The Right Bikini For Yourself

Jan, 04, 2023

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Summer is a perfect season to wear a sexy bikini swimwear. Wearing a bikini is a great way to show off your figure on a beach holiday. Do you also want to wear a bikini to show others your perfect body? You may be asking the question: what if I don't have a perfect body and how can I build on my strengths and avoid my weaknesses?

You should choose the best bikini for yourself

Bikini will make us more beautiful and charming. If you want to buy a bikini for yourself, you should choose the best one.

1.Choose the bikini according your body type

Choose a style that makes the most of your body's features, and you'll be the one strolling along the beach in the most eye-catching way.

(1)Pear-shaped figure

Pear-shaped women usually have a thin upper body and wide hips with a shapely back. When picking sexy fashion swimwear, pear-shaped women should opt for a high-waisted design, which accentuates their curves.

Avoid all kinds of draped and frilly designs and heavy hemlines as this will only draw everyone's attention to the lower half of the body. You can tie your bikini in a knot or around a sarong skirt with the hemline off to the side, making sure to have a high split, which will slightly cover your hips and make your legs look longer.

(2)Curvy figure

If you have full breasts and hips with thick thighs, this is the time to emphasize your curves rather than weaken them, while having enough support and coverage. Asymmetrical swimsuits help draw everyone's attention to the neckline, while swimsuits from the clashing series are good for highlighting your curves.

Larger bikini bottoms help to make your body look more proportionate overall. Choose eye-catching jewelry that can divert everyone's attention from your abdomen - such as white framed sunglasses, a beach basket or bag.

(3)Full figure

For full-figured girls, choose a style that shows off your sexy figure. Choose a black coloured beaded sports bikini swimwear that is hot and sexy, with beaded details to add an exotic ethnic touch to the black, and black is a versatile colour that can be matched with different colours and styles of outerwear and underwear to give a richer look.

V neck womens bikini
2.Choose the bikini according the features of your body

We have to choose the right bikini according to our body features. Be aware of the strengths and avoid the weaknesses.

(1)Fuller bust

If you're like the 40% or so of women who wear D-cups or more, you should choose a triangle bra that ties around your neck. The support of the bikini swimsuit on your breasts is crucial when you are swimming to your heart's content in the pool.

As for the lower body, choose wide briefs to accentuate the hips as a way to balance with the upper body. As for the color, dark or bright colors are preferable, avoid dull light colors.

(2)Smaller bust

When choosing a sports two piece swimwear for girls with smaller busts, choose a colour that visually creates a sense of expansion to balance out the top and bottom proportions. In this case, a black and white striped bikini with a wide or narrow width is the best choice.

(3)Big belly

For girls with a big belly, when choosing a bikini you should choose a style that covers your belly, but not completely. So, choose a bikini with a tulle waist and abdomen design, and choose a bikini that is not only light and transparent but also effective in covering up an unsatisfying big belly.

(4)Length of legs

For longer legs, you have a short torso. Therefore, choosing low-waisted pants will give you a longer upper body. Choose an all-over print top with as little decorative detail as possible. If you have short legs, you can create longer legs with the help of a high waist.

(5)Small breasts

If you have small breast, i.e. wearing an A or B cup, then here are tips for you. Spaghetti strap bikini swimsuits and tops with ruffled trim can squeeze out the perfect cleavage as well. If you want the effect to be even better, choose a top with a lined model that has a lifting effect.

In terms of decoration, you can wear a lot of bracelets - including gold jewelry, tattoos - to divert attention to your arms, which will make your figure visually wider.

one piece bikini for sale
3.Tips to make your small breasts look bigger wearing a bikini

Not a woman with big breasts can put on a good-looking bikini, as long as women with small breasts choose the right sexy swimwear for sale, they can also wear a bikini to become more sexy.

Method 1

When choosing bikini swimsuits, it is best to choose one that is about 3/4 smaller than your usual size so that the flesh that is scattered around the sides is concentrated on your chest and your breasts look fuller.

Method 2

If the above doesn't suit your needs, you can add thickness to your bikini by sewing non-padding evenly underneath the bikini to make it look bigger and make your bust look better.

Method 3

Another easy way to wear a bikini is to wear two bras, with an invisible silicone bra inside the bikini. This method requires that you choose the right type of bra for both bras. Generally speaking, a bikini is a little bigger than an invisible silicone bra.

Method 4

When buying a bikini, choose one with a halter. The halter helps to lift the bust and has a neckline, it also helps to divert attention. If you choose a bikini with a bustier, choose a bikini with a lace trim.

4.What kind of bikini is sexy to wear

If you want to make yourself more sexy, then pick out sexy bikinis for yourself.

(1)Black V-neck bikini sexy swimsuit

This bikini is suitable for women with a thin body. Who said that only the full figure can wear bikini to be sexy? The black bikini set is to make thin women more sexy, it will allow you to show off mature, charming flavor. V-neck bikini swimsuits can help you create the effect of full breasts, the women's bumpy body to the fullest.

(2)Jungle print bikini sexy swimsuit

This bikini is suitable for women with a standard body. The bikini with the jungle print is perfect for the standard body type of women, so the bikini is full of the atmosphere of the original forest, so you look more wild and free.

(3)Big breasts push up underwire bikini sexy swimsuit

This bikini is suitable for women with big chest. It is best for a woman with a plump figure to choose a swimsuit with a good upper body cup when buying a bikini swimsuit. With a steel bra bikini can help you collect the side boobs, it brings superior gathering effect and support force, can well support the plump chest. If you are interested in it, you can go to Kameymall to have a look.

red sexy bikini swimwear
5. Selection of bikini tops

Bikini tops are roughly divided into bustier style, bottom movable style, bottom fixed style, and underwire swimsuit. Let's see what kind of girls are suitable for various bikinis.

(1)Bustier style

Suitable for girls with small breasts, the bustier bikini swimsuits will make girls look very vibrant and energetic. If you want to further create a visual fullness effect, choose a bustier bikini swimsuit with ruffles or tassels. Many big-chested girls also love to wear this, but it is easy to strangle the big chest into two, like having a side breast.

(2)Bottom movable style

This bikini is suitable for girls with fuller breasts. This bikini is the most original and some say the sexiest, you can adjust the distance between the two pieces of cloth. You can adjust the distance between the two pieces of cloth.

Wearing it in the sun, the shoulders will only leave a thin two white marks. But it is not suitable for girls with large breasts because it tends to expose the chest and you need to adjust your chest from time to time.

(3)Bottom fixed style

Suitable for girls with large breasts. Two pieces of cloth are not adjustable, the bigger the chest the wider the side of the bottom circumference is chosen will be more secure, it can make your chest look round and full. It is not suitable for girls with small breasts.

(4)Underwire swimsuit

Suitable for girls with E cup and above. It's a bit like ordinary underwear. The chest is too big and must be supported by this style. Although it lacks the flexibility that bikini swimsuits should have, it is also an option. Girls with smaller breasts are not suitable for this bikini, as the underwire will limit the freedom you should have on the beach.

6.Choice of fabric

You should choose bikini swimsuits that are stretchy and breathable. If the bikini swimsuit fabric is made entirely of elastic fabric, the swimsuit will be able to move with the body and cling to the body.

Pay special attention to the fabric not to choose imitation products, poor fabric, poor elasticity. Breathability is also very important for bikinis. When you are done swimming, if you are wet, it will make you feel uncomfortable. A dry body can make you feel happy, so I suggest you choose a breathable bikini.


If you don't have a perfect body, it doesn't matter, you just need to pick the right bikini according to your body features and you can become very sexy. If you want to buy a women's swimwear for sale online, then why not visit Kameymall? There, you can pick up bikinis of all styles and sizes.

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