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Home news Product Tips How Can I Take Care Of My Synthetic Hair Wigs?
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How Can I Take Care Of My Synthetic Hair Wigs?

Jan, 04, 2023

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A wig is a product that can make people beautiful. And it has a wide range of uses. Therefore, the wigs especially headband wigs are becoming more and more popular. Many people like to wear wigs. Not only will wigs make us more beautiful, but also they will make us more confident.


Take care of your wigs correctly

The correct use of wigs and proper care can largely extend the life of wigs. It is very important to take proper care of our wigs. If you do not take good care of your wig, wearing it will not only irritate your scalp, but it will also shorten the life of your wig. So do you know how to take care of your wig? Next, I will teach you some tips on how to take care of your wig so that your wig can last longer and be fully effective.

1.How to wash wigs

Wig cleaning steps

(1)Before cleaning the wig, you should use a steel comb with a large gap to straighten the wig to avoid knots in the hair during cleaning.

(2)Add a certain amount of shampoo in suitable warm water, and soak the wig in the water for about 3 to 5 minutes.

(3)When you are cleaning the full lace wigs, the correct method is to press and gently grab and wash, and do not use rubbing to clean the wig.

(4)After washing, add hair care products in water and rinse thoroughly to basically complete our cleaning process.

(5)Use a dry towel to gently press out the moisture of the wig, put it in a ventilated place and wait for it to dry before wearing it.

Shampoo dosage


The wig itself does not produce grease, only in wearing will have some dust, so the wig does not need to be washed often, usually once a month. On the other hand, you should wash it properly according to the number of times you wear it.

The temperature of the water when washing your wig

We usually use warm water when washing our hair, not too hot or too cold, and the same is true for cleaning wigs. Too high a water temperature will lead to a shorter wig life, too low a water temperature may not be able to clean the wig. It is generally recommended to use warm water of about 30 degrees.

Frequency of wig cleaning

For example, synthetic fiber wigs are relatively cheap and easy to deform, so they should not be washed frequently. Generally, it is enough to wash once every 1-2 months. If it is a 100% human hair wig, it is basically the same as our own hair. , it can be cleaned at will, and because it is worn more frequently, it is also recommended to clean it diligently, and the wig can be cleaned once every 3-7 days.

2.How to wear a wig

Girls should shake the wig before wearing it, this is to make the texture of the wig more clear. And when wearing a wig to two hands gently put the wig on the head, not too hard, which may cause the wig to fall off or cause it to deform the contours.

When wearing a wig, it is best not to use a hairpin to clip wig, because the hairpin may make the lace on the clear lace wig broken, affecting the beauty of the wig, which may also make the wig deformation.

After wearing a wig, if you want to get styling on the wig, you can use your fingers to gently pluck the wig, but it is important to note that do not pull too hard on the wig to avoid the wig falling off.

womens bob wig

3.How to use hair mask

(1) First, you should clean the wig. After washing the wig, you should use a towel to absorb the water on the wig, so as to prevent the water from affecting the absorption of the hair mask.

(2) Pour some hair mask into the palm of hand.

(3) Gently use your hands to apply the hair mask on the wig, from top to bottom on the wig.

(4) Rub the hair slowly from top to bottom, you can also use a comb to comb your short synthetic wigs (with a steel comb to comb the wig) to ensure that each hair can be absorbed into the hair film.

(5) Then put the wig on a hot towel. Heat can make the wig deeper to absorb the hair film. If the hair is dry and severe, you can also cover the hot towel with a layer of cling film.

(6) After 5-10 minutes, remove the hot towel and clean the wig thoroughly with water. When it dries, you will find it is softer and smoother than before washing.

(7) As long as you insist on using the hair mask for a period of time, you will find that your wig will become more soft and shiny. Therefore, you should use hair masks every 2-3 months for deep care of your wig, which can also extend the life of your wig to a great extent.

4.How to place your wig

When you go home and take off your wig, don't fold it up or toss it aside, I suggest you comb your wig smoothly first and then put it on a wig stand so it doesn't become messy and be deformed the next time you wear it.

If you don't wear your wig for a long time, then you should put your wig in a storage box and put a paper ball in the wig to provide support. This will not only prevent dust from soiling your wig, but it will also keep your wig in its original shape.

Finally, store your wig in a cool, dry place, so that it can also largely avoid damage to your wig.

5.How to dry your wig

Many people who are in a hurry to use their wigs will quickly wash them and then use a hair dryer to dry them. The hairdryer will not only cause static electricity in your wig, but it will also damage your wig to a great extent, making it even frizzier.The consequences of doing so will only make the life of your wig shorter, it is recommended to minimize the use of hair dryers.

So do you know how to dry the wigs correctly? After cleaning the wig, you should use a dry towel to wipe the wig gently, and then put the wig in a cool place to dry naturally. This will prevent your wig from being damaged and help extend the life of the wig.

6.How to comb the wigs

Comb the wig with a steel comb

Many people use ordinary combs to comb their wigs, such as wooden combs, plastic combs. However, these two types of combs are not recommended for combing wigs, they will generate static electricity in your wig, which can make your wig more frizzy and damage your wig.

Moreover, if you comb your wig with ordinary combs, they may also cause your wig to fall out faster, especially if the wigs you buy are synthetic hair wigs. If you buy a human hair wig, it will last longer. I recommend that you use a steel comb to comb your wig, not only will it not make your wig static, but it will also not make your wig fall out easily. A steel comb is the best choice for combing wigs.

Steps to properly comb a wig

The combing of the wig should first comb the bottom, then the middle, and finally comb the upper hair. Then comb from the beginning to the end. When combing the wig, you can smear the essential oil on the wig, which can make the combing smoother and allow your wig to be well maintained. At the same time, it will give your wig a shiny look.

Short Black Hair Wig

The correct care of the wig is very important, so that not only can make the wig more beautiful, but also can extend the life of the wig. Therefore, you'd better follow the above principles to take care of your wig. Whether it is in cleaning your wig, wearing your wig, storing your wig or grooming your wig, you need to be careful.

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