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How do girls choose swimsuits? (Chapter 1)

Dec, 29, 2021

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In this article, Kameymall will tell you how to choose suitable swimsuits, if you have any interest, please read the following messages.

Fabric: choose an elastic swimsuit

If the swimsuit fabric is completely composed of elastic fabric, the swimsuit can move with the body and stick tightly to the body. Special attention should be paid to the fabrics that cannot be imitated. If the fabrics are poor, the elasticity is poor, and the elasticity is very poor after entering the water, the swimsuit experience will be reduced. High-quality swimsuits, such as those worn by professional athletes, must have good elasticity and weak water absorption, so as to reduce the swimming resistance and the weight of swimsuits.

Workmanship: choose a swimsuit with fine workmanship

A swimsuit is sports practical clothing with a strong stretching effect. It is best not to choose the splicing style. When the amount of exercise is large, the splicing place is easy to open. Well-made swimsuits, such as sexy bikini, are very comfortable and fit the body.

swimming costume for big bust
Color: choose a swimsuit close to skin color
Choose swimsuits to see whether the colors match. The colors of swimsuits highlight the body posture to the greatest extent, adjust the overall beauty, and the whole body tone is very coordinated. Generally, black and white are suitable for any skin color. Black is very practical and can cover up the shortcomings of the body. Brown skin should be matched with warm color and white skin with pink color. A good combination can show unique vitality and vitality.

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