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How Do Girls Choose Swimsuits? (Chapter 2)

Dec, 29, 2021

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In this article, Kameymall will follow the previous one to tell you how to choose swimsuits.
A swimsuit, swimming trunks, and swimming cap are necessary equipment for swimming. Whether it's a hot spring, a swimming pool, or going out swimming, you should make preparations. Well, many people are tangled. If they don't wear underwear and underwear, dirty things are easy to enter there, and there are concave and convex appearances, which is particularly embarrassing. In order to avoid these problems, Xiaobian is sure to tell you not to wear underwear and underwear. The last article has told you three tips on how to choose swimsuits. This article will continue to introduce you.
For a slightly fat beauty, a plain swimsuit will be a better choice. If you are a slim beauty, you can consider a patterned swimsuit, which will look plump visually. Plump people must choose simple swimsuits. Plump people should try to avoid wearing too light swimsuits. Small flower patterns will appear thin.


The two-piece style, also known as the split style, refers to a suite with a separate coat and trousers. There are bikini style and two-piece head style. Bikini, also known as the three-point style, is undoubtedly the focus of all swimsuits. It is characterized by very few materials, such as a sexy bikini. You have to admit that a bikini is indeed the most eye-catching swimsuit. If you have an arrogant figure and self-confidence, please don't hesitate.

sexy pregnant bikini
One piece
One-piece swimsuits can be divided into shoulder strap types and barrel types. If you are a more traditional lady, a shoulder strap swimsuit with a vest-like upper body will be a good choice. Shoulder strap style can sometimes bring a little surprise, such as one shoulder and one head. In addition, the deep open chest and winding swimsuit are the best decoration for the body shape with a narrow top and wide bottom.

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