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choosing a classic orange zorb ball

Classic Orange Zorb Ball For You

Jul, 26, 2022

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Water walking is a very interesting and elegant sport, water walking can let us ground experience the endless fun of water sports. At the same time, water walking activities exercise physical skills, and greatly improve the body's balance ability, there are very many advantages.

Then the water sports need is zorb ball, zorb ball can not only play in the water but also in the grass or snow to play. The range of use is very wide. Let's get some information about this zorb ball today. Try zorbing!

zor ball
Maintenance methods

1. The safe load-bearing capacity of the zorb ball is 150kg. Do not exceed his load-bearing range.
2. Do not repeatedly open and close the zipper too often. Avoid damage to the zipper due to overuse. When the zipper is not working, the zipper should be opened, waxed, and stored in a cool place.
3. Please do not scribble on the zorb ball to avoid damage.
4. If the device is damaged, you can repair it yourself. Generally will be equipped with special glue to deal with unexpected situations.
5. Stay in the sealed zorb ball for 10 minutes only. Do not stay too long to avoid asphyxiation accidents caused by a lack of oxygen.
6. Please make a 1.5-meter-high slope barrier on the playground, which can be fixed with soft cotton to avoid the risk of bruises and contusions caused by the docking of the fixed rope and the ball. Thus, to ensure 100% safety of visitors.



Generally equipped with special glue for maintenance, if a small breakage can be repaired by themselves. zorb ball should be deflated and stored when not in use.


Specific products

If you are a lover of orange, then you must look at this one ah. This zorb ball has a color that is not often seen on the market and has a diameter of 1.5m, which can immediately make you think of summer. If you want to make very good summer memories with your friends, then you should definitely buy this one. You can use it to play collision games with your friends. This must be very fun.


Where to buy

Hurry up and buy a zorb ball from Kameymall, you will be pleasantly surprised.


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