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Tips For Cleaning Leather Safety Work Boots

Nov, 23, 2021

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After you work for a long time in a day, your boots will be affect by dirt, grime, oil, water and other materials that can stain leather. But, as long as you clean your leather safety boots frequently and properly, they will last a long time.

Preparing your boots

New leather work boots need to be prepared before wearing them. Moreover, you should wear them and walk around for several hours before going to the work site. If they are not waterproof, apply a waterproofing agent to the boots and after it dry, then you can wear safety shoes for women on the job.

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At the end of each day, use a nylon brush to wipe off any dirt on the surface. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe the leather clean. And never blow dry your boots. Allow them dry naturally because heat will dry out the leather and cause it to crack. If your boots are dirty, the saddle soap (or soap designed specifically for leather work boots) is very suitable for cleaning them thoroughly. Remove the insoles from the boots every two to three months and wash them by hand with a mild shampoo. The inside of your boots should be cleaned with mild shampoo and a damp cloth every few months too.


Remove stains from boots

There are special leather stain removers available in stores or online, or you can use household products to clean your work boots. Depending on the severity of the stain, you can be able to choose different cleaning products.

Water spots: Just re-wet the spot with a little bit of water and allow it to air dry.

Road salt stains: These can be very hard to get out, so try to dry them with a soft cloth dipped in a mixture of water and white vinegar.


Placing your boots correctly before going to bed

Storing your leather work safety boots  properly is another important part of boots maintenance. You can place your boots on cedar shoe trees to keep them smelling fresh. The reason for doing this is simple, because it absorbs moisture, salt and acid, and neutralizes smells. It also smooths out the lining and insoles of the boots without compromising their shape. You can also sprinkle the inside of your boots very night with a little baking soda to eliminate odors if you don’t find cedar shoe trees. At last but not least, Kameymall, your first choice to buy safety shoes!

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