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Home news Product Is Snow Zorbing More Fun Than Roller Coasters?
zorb ball for winter snow zorbing

Is Snow Zorbing More Fun Than Roller Coasters?

Aug, 13, 2022

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Take a look at the picture below, where two people are swimming in a giant double clear plastic ball, looking like fish in a circular pool. In fact, with the help of this huge ball, they are tumbling through the snow and experiencing weightlessness and satisfaction. In other words, they are zorbing with the zorb ball, which looks really exciting.

I've talked to you before about the thrill of snow zorbing in the human hamster ball, but recently I was asked which is more exciting, snow zorbing or roller coasters. So I am posting this article today to answer that question.

What do people think of snow zorbing?

Snow zorbing is different from classic mountain zorbing only in terms of timing. This type of snow zorbing is designed for descending or simply sliding on flat surfaces in winter. Certainly, snow zorbing is a very fun and unusual, perhaps even active recreational activity. Most people who are already familiar with the sport say that few other activities present such ambiguous and vivid emotions. Some people are so flooded with adrenaline and excited that they practically "boil over", others are in a state of mild euphoria after a rollercoaster ride, some compare the emotions they feel after a rollercoaster ride to those of a rollercoaster ride, and conversely, some don't find rollercoastering as extreme as jumping off a parachute. However, everyone who has tried this active recreational activity agrees on one thing: zorbing - it's fun and rewarding.


Is snow zorbing really more fun than roller coasters?

In my opinion, the answer to this question is yes. Firstly, I've been on rollercoasters many times, but I haven't tried much snow zorbing. Secondly, as the zorb ball rolls along, we have the opportunity to enjoy the frequent alternation between snow and sky, which is something that roller coasters can hardly offer us.

Most importantly, if you choose to experience the thrill with your girlfriend, the rollercoaster requires you to be fixed in two adjacent positions and not to move, whereas in the zorb ball you can move freely and even hug each other. What fun!



So, if you haven't got into zorbing yet, then do give it a go! After all, the number of fans is growing steadily every day because it's so new and fun. So, where can you buy the zorb ball? Come to Kameymall, and you won't be disappointed.

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