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work safety shoes mens from Kameymall

Introduction To Cold-Proof Safety Shoes

Mar, 12, 2022

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Workers in a relatively cold environments must be equipped with cold-proof safety shoes to protect their feet from frostbite. There are also many jobs in cold storage environments such as cold stores and ice cellars, where workers must also wear good cold-proof footwear to protect their feet when entering the workplace.

work safety shoes mens


What is cold-proof safety shoes


Cold-proof safety shoes are labour protection shoes used for the protection of the feet of workers in low-temperature environments to avoid frostbite. Cold-proof safety shoes usually consist of two categories: those without a heat source and those with a heat source, such as cotton shoes and fur shoes belonging to the former, and thermal shoes, which are usually heated by electric fuel, belonging to the latter.



What is cold-proof safety shoes made of
The upper and boot of cold-protective safety shoes are usually made of down, cotton or wool, thus able to keep our feet warm. They are also covered with a PTFE film to provide better protection from strong wind, even in windy conditions. It's often the case that the soles of cold-protective shoes are specially patterned to make them excellent slip resistance, even on icy roads.



Matters workers should pay attention to
Cold-proof shoes should be cleaned with as much care as possible to avoid using too much water for the fact that water washing will reduce the cold-proof performance of cold-proof shoes. At the same time, when wearing the shoes, workers should also pay attention to regular inspection of the shoes, the insulation of the shoes to test, if there are problems, buy a new one in time to ensure the safety of workers' feet.



Pick out better safety shoes
Well-known brands of safety shoes can guarantee their quality and after-sales service, so that we can purchase without worries and labor workers can maintain their own safety while working efficiently. Welcome to Kameymall, a huge shopping website where you can pick up good cold-proof safety shoes with high quality, exquisite designs and favorable prices.

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