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Specific Uses And Characteristics Of Air Tracks

Dec, 16, 2021

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The air tracks should be non-toxic, tasteless, and elastic. When you gently push the surface of the air track with your palm, you should have a dry feeling. If there is too much foaming agent left on the surface of it, you will feel wet and slippery, which is of poor quality. You are easy to slip and fall during practice.

In addition, the low-grade air mat is made of EVA. EVA is rigid foam and most of them are used for making soles. This kind of air track has poor elasticity and a poor anti-skid effect. The high-grade one is made of PVC. PVC material is a kind of environmental protection material, which can be recycled, reused, and reduce pollution. The air tracks made of TPE mainly have the characteristics of good elasticity, good anti-skid effect, good toughness, and string tension.

Air track is a special mat and a protective mat for fitness places. Now it has been widely for home use. Gymnasts can practice many sports skills safely and comfortably with the help of air track.

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At present, the classification of air tracks in the industry is not particularly specific and detailed. They are generally divided into folding air tracks, small air tracks, ordinary air tracks, competition-specific mats, and so on. They are usually used in the training or competition field of gymnastics, and play a certain role in protecting the physical safety of gymnasts. With the development of society, the scope of application of these mats is slowly changing. Now they are also used to lay the ground in many dance rooms to protect the safety of practitioners.


Choose an air track mat for practicing safely
Safety must come first if you want to practice skills. We have provided various kinds of air tracks at our website - Kameymall that will assist you through your practice whether at home or at your training center. And if you are a training center or a competition arena.

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