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Stylish Human Hair Wigs To Show A Different You

Feb, 26, 2022

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As a decoration or accessory or ornament, human hair wigs made by artificial technology. It can be used as a headdress for bald or hairless people, or as part of costumes, official or professional costumes or fashionable decorations. Woven hair is made by machines. It is produced by general mass production, low price, but it is heavy and not authentic with poor air permeability, easy to block hair follicles and knot easily. Hand hook hair is made by hand, which has high fidelity, good air permeability, comfortable to wear, but the price is relatively high. But hand hook hair will be produced by a long circulation.

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Advantage of human hair wigs

The first boon is related to one that it can modify people’s face shape. For a female who want to conceal her face, the human hair wigs will be an ideal choice. And then, you can save the cost and reduce your expense of doing hairstyle and bleaching and dyeing your hair in hair salon. Also, wigs can be changed at will to avoid the damage to hair quality caused by frequent hairdressing in barber shops.

How to protect human hair wigs
1.Try not to be too closer to the high temperature, because it is not resistant to high temperature.
2.Almost fake hair can be dyed. If you need to trim, you can ask professional for help.
3.Remember wash your human hair wigs once every 1-2 months regularly.
4.Wash it with cold water or warm water. It will be OK to use ordinary shampoo when washing.
5. High-temperature wind should keep far away from the human hair wigs such as hair dryer. A dry towel is enough to dry the excess water and then it should be put in the place with fresh air but without direct sunlight.
6.When you ensure that you human hair wig is dry, and then it is imperative to remember that don't comb the fake hair immediately.

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