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big zorb ball with a person

Hot Summer For Zorb Ball-Part4

Jun, 25, 2022

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Today I want to introduce a new type of game to you.

This game is called zorb ball. Generally, zorb ball is set in large resort fields in the countryside, where the open terrain, lush grass, and undulating terrain make it ideal for the sport. Of course, you can say that it is a thrilling entertainment project, because and in many large amusement park projects, zorb ball has less mechanical control, completely by their own rotation and roll to move forward, so vertigo and weightlessness will be very strong, if you like the feeling of heartbeat, do not miss this project, because it brings the excitement will not let you down.

What's more, due to the special structure and material of the sphere itself, it is a high safety factor among similar outdoor amusement projects when playing. Snow zorb ball is another emerging hot project after rock climbing and bungee jumping, safe and reliable, thrilling and exciting.

human hamster ball

Safety precautions for playing zorb ball activities

1、Visitors with heart disease, high blood pressure, and weak physical condition should not participate in the zorb ball activities. Children under 1.50 meters in height, children under 12 years old, and elderly people over 55 years old should not participate. Weight preferably not more than 200 pounds, if two people ride together, weight preferably not too big difference.

2, individual visitors may experience vertigo and headache after riding. It is recommended that after the bobble sphere stops rolling, passengers should not immediately drill out of the sphere and should stop in place for two minutes of silence.

3、Shoes taken off, keys, cell phones, glasses, and small sharp ornaments should be uniformly placed in the bag fixed inside the ball to avoid cutting the ball or injuring the body in the tumbling.

4, and skating, spring and autumn are good times to play zorb ball. However, it is affected by the weather, rain, and four or more windy days are not suitable, otherwise, the sphere is easy to roll out of the slide, causing danger.

Where to buy these balls

You can go to Kameymall to buy these big balls!


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