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Home news Product A Big Zorb Ball For Summer Time
comfortable zorb ball with person inside

A Big Zorb Ball For Summer Time

Jul, 06, 2022

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2022 summer is around the corner, are you ready for having fun with your friends and family? Do you have any plans to spend this wonderful summer? If you are tired of swimming and playing volleyball on the beach, let’s try some new stuff!

This time I am going to introduce the comfortable zorb ball to you! This is such a huge ball that you can hide inside it. And then you can walk in the lake. Or you can wear this giant ball to bump with your friend. I promise you, this is really fun and you are gonna enjoy it! Now let’s know more about this cute and amazing zorb ball.

sports bubble


As we can see from the pictures online, this zorb ball is made of flexible plastic and is transparent. It can be inflated with air to protect the rider from hitting some dangerous surfaces or places. Therefore, the plastic must be reinforced and stronger than normal plastic. You can also use it as a tool to play games with your friends safely without worrying about breaking it. The diameter of this zorb ball is 1.5m and it mainly consists of blue and red color. This size allows you to show your legs to move freely. Especially convenient, isn't it? Give it a try.


The air inside is not permanent

Some people may think that I can stay inside for a long time for having more fun. No, that is really one hundred percent wrong! Normally, the air inside can only last 15 minutes. As long as the air inside is running out, the zorb ball would lose its protection for your body. In addition, you need to wear and take off it with the help of other people. Remember, it should always be used under supervision, in case you meet some difficulties. Before the air inside is running out, you should get out of it quickly.


Where to buy it

Now I believe that you wanna buy a giant zorb ball to have fun! If you don’t know where to buy it. Let me tell you! There is a website called Kameymall, which includes tons of gorgeous zorb balls. They are high-quality but cheaper than other websites. If you wanna have a wonderful summer in 2022, go and check the website now!

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