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Do Flexibility Development Exercises With Air Track Mats

Apr, 16, 2022

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Do you want to be a track and field athlete? Do you usually do some sports training? Today we would like to share with you some ways of doing exercises to develop flexibility.

Talking about flexibility exercises

When it comes to flexibility exercises, you must be familiar with gymnastic mats. Almost every flexibility exercise requires the protection of a gymnastic mat. However, there are now air track mats on the market, which are much more convenient than traditional mats. You can follow our previous article on why the air track mat is so convenient, so I won't go into it here. Next, let's talk about flexibility training.

air track

When doing flexibility exercises, it is important to take care of your technique, start with preparatory activities and do not overstretch. According to relevant data, static stretching is more effective than power stretching. During flexibility exercises, when stretching to a certain angle or position, stay for a few seconds and then return to the original position, according to your own situation, free to master the stretching process in order not to hurt yourself as the standard, do not deliberately pursue the height to avoid sports injuries.


Frog sit

Method: Practitioner's inner calf is in contact with the air track gymnastics mat, the large and small legs are at right angles, the two feet are perpendicular to the calf, the two forearms are lying on the mat, the further the distance between the two knees the better. The practitioner sits backwards on the hips, and when they reach the limit, do not return immediately, but hold for a few seconds before returning, and repeat the process.

Requirements: Practitioners should perform the exercise under relaxed conditions, with adequate preparatory activities, and should not stretch hard.



If you want to do flexibility exercises too, then you cannot do without air track mats. So get some for yourself, buy them early and start training early. At Kameymall you can find high-quality air track mats in all sizes, colours, lengths and thicknesses.

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