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Improve Body Flexibility With Air Track Mats

Apr, 16, 2022

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Flexibility is a very important indicator of physical fitness and an important measure of an athlete's athletic ability, so there are always many exercises to improve flexibility. Today we are going to share two exercises that can train flexibility.

Wheel run

The first thing you need to do to improve your flexibility is to get yourself some air track mats, as most of these exercises are done with the help of the air track mat. It protects you from direct contact with hard surfaces and thus prevents injuries.

air track

Method: The practitioner lies flat on the air track mat, supports the waist with both hands, elbows on the mat, raises both legs, bends the knees and does the "wheel" movement, holds the position and repeats the exercise.

Requirements: When doing the "wheel" exercise, bend the knees and maintain a certain angle between the calves and thighs.


"V" prone method

Do a variety of leg press exercises on the air track mat, bend your legs in front of you, do cross leg swings on your back and swap your left and right legs to do leg sweeps.

"V" prone, upper body back, chest up and eyes forward, bend calves, arms behind shoulders, ankle grip with both hands, fully stretching the anterior body muscles and thigh muscles. Prone, legs apart, knees bent, ankles in both hands, chest up and stomach out, rolling to the left and right.



If you want to do flexibility exercises too, then you can't do without air track mats. So get some for yourself, buy them early and start training early. At Kameymall you will find quality air track mats in a variety of sizes, colours, lengths and thicknesses. If you have any questions about the air track pad, please practice us the first time. We are willing to provide you with the best service.

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