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purchasing a huge nice zorb ball

Have Fun From A Zorb Ball-Part1

Jun, 14, 2022

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Today, let’s know something about a new game.

That is a zorb ball!

Giant Water Balls

Zorb Ball Instructions

1 This product is made of imported materials such as spherical polyurethane and hyperon rubber. The applicable temperature is from 38°C to minus 30°C. Please use it within a safe range.

2 The space ball (zorb Ball) has a body diameter of about 3 meters and an inner cavity of about 2 meters. It can be used for two people to play at the same time, but the total load can exceed 120 kilograms. There are safety belts, foot covers, and shoulder seat belts to pull the handle. 

3. When using, follow the method of entering with both hands and paying attention with both feet out; put the hole facing down, and use the cat (bow) to pierce the inside of the ball. The user can wear shoes or other sharp objects to the ball to prevent damage to the ball. When the ball is played, the user's feet should be extended out of the ball first, and then the ball should be supported by both hands.

4 Enter the ball, first put on the foot cover and the waist seat belt to fasten, then tie the shoulder seat belt (the double shoulder belt can be fixed alternately), and grasp the left and right pull handles with both hands. When the user is already firmly in the ball, roll the ball slightly to see if the user is comfortable, and push the ball downhill.

5. When the ball is rolling down; check whether the safety precautions on both sides of the raceway are in place to avoid the danger of ball jumping, damage to the person or the ball, and avoid the ability of the ball to roll away from the safe ground when the ball is rolling. At the end of the ball rolling, a buffer facility should be prepared to avoid the ball and the end stop facility from violently touching (it is better to come to a slope buffer and let it stop naturally), which may cause danger.

6. The slope of the space ball (zorb ball) rolling site is less than 15 degrees, and the site needs to have a buffer design. This product is suitable for rolling on turf or soft surfaces.


Where to buy it

You can go to Kameymall to buy a zorb ball.

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