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The Cultural Perspective Of Bikini

Mar, 31, 2022

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Since the beginning of 1946, bikini for women, as a symbol of human freedom and liberation, has been a symbol of modernist culture in the 20th century, and has been quickly accepted by the post-modern society and become a fashion symbol to express various ideas of post-modern culture. Of course, for ordinary people in life, a bikini is just a kind of swimsuit, a necessary outfit for a beach holiday. However, what style of bikini to wear, or how much reveals different cultural ideas. Bikinis, more than any other clothing, transcend their original practical functions and become the living language of cultural concepts.


The beach, on the sand, is decorated with charming scenery

  1. The Romantic

This is an expression full of emotional meaning. Full of feminine vitality and open and unrestrained, such as the bright summer sunshine, such as the jump of the beach, such as the fluttering of the breeze, is dynamic style, making people relaxed and natural. This theme style bikini is brightly colored and feminine, with plaid, stripes and floral patterns in printed stretch fabric. The design focuses on the decorative cord at the cup connection and waist, adding a sense of elegant movement. Most of the rings have steel braces to secure the chest. Sling width is different, there are integrated and split type shoulder strap.

  1. The Anatomical structure

It's an expression of the future -- simplicity, nudity. The human body presents geometric shapes -- triangles, rectangles, diagonals, and lines -- under the cutting of points, lines, and planes. It has the metallic and digital flavor of cyber-culture. This theme style bikini is made of elastic-thin fabric in monochrome, light color and sparkle. Asymmetrical design catches the eye. Fabric is omitted from the back design, which is completely tied with string to expose the body to the summer sun.

  1. The game is Playful

This theme style bikini color is light, monochrome, printing, with slightly thick elastic fabric based. Design key is in the adornment of flounces, or compose at predecessor or compose at edge edge, much can compose before full bosom. Generally no steel support, straight-line design, high waist and flat foot pants, also have low waist briefs. Give a person a kind of lively and lovely, relaxed girl's impression emphatically.

  1. Motor sport

This is a bikini that highlights a healthy style. Health is a fashion pursued by contemporary people. People say, "Health is everything," "Health is 1, wealth, love, freedom and other things are O, health is 100, 1000, 10000..." Sports fitness has become a new life force.
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