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Talking About History Of Zorbing

Mar, 31, 2022

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Have you heard of zorb ball? It is a very fun and new activity with which you can play many kinds of games. With it you can walk freely in the water or tumble through grass or snow with a certain slope. It really is a great game for relaxing and experiencing excitement. Today, we would like to talk about the history of the zorb ball.

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The history of zorb ball

Although you may not have been impressed by zorb balls before and it may seem like a new game that has only recently appeared, they actually appeared on the market more than twenty years ago. What's even more surprising is that, as a concept, they've been around for much longer than that. Today, let's take a closer look at the history of the zorb ball.

The first human-sized inflatable ball as we know it today, the prototype of the zorb ball, was invented by French architect Gilles Ebersolt in 1975. Ebersolt came up with the idea when he was in his teens. He produced a ball which he called "Ballule" (French for "bubble"). However, this ball is of course not exactly the same as the zorb ball of today. The difference lies in that the Ballule is pressurised using an inverted vacuum cleaner. But otherwise it was essentially the same as the zorb ball we see today.

Although Ebersolt registered his invention Ballule with the Conseil de Prud'hommes and it appeared regularly on international television in the 1970s and 1980s, he never turned his invention into a commercially inflatable product.

Its next history is closely linked to the films of Jackie Chan, who found himself trapped in an inflatable ball in the 1991 film Operation Condor. The action star rolled down the side of a mountain in a death-defying stunt. It is now uncertain whether Jackie Chan was actually inside such a ball when he performed the scene, or whether the film's special effects team is to blame.

In the early 1990s the TV show American Gladiators featured hard human hamster balls in a game called 'Atlasphere'. Contestants rolled their spheres into scoring zones, while the Gladiators struggled to keep them out of these zones in an epic game of bumper balls. But these balls are not the same as zorb balls; they are more like a cage than a bubble, accompanied by a hard, rigid frame.

The name 'Zorb ball' comes from Andrew Akers and Dwayne van der Sluijk of Rotorua, New Zealand, and as such, many people identify the history of the zorb ball as originating in New Zealand. They founded Zorb Ltd in 1994. zorb created the world's first commercially available human hamster ball, as well as the first Zorbing park.



If you too would like to experience the thrill and weightlessness that a yo-yo gives you on a regular basis, and if you too would like to experience this fresh but popular new game, welcome to Kameymall and buy yourself a zorb ball.

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