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Home news Product Mini Air Tracks For Fitness Improving (Part 2)
13ft air track for fitness improving

Mini Air Tracks For Fitness Improving (Part 2)

Jun, 16, 2022

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The small gymnastic mat is very practical. It can improve If you also want to do some fitness-enhancing exercises at home, you can buy one of the air track mats because it is more convenient, both in terms of changing the level of softness of the mat and in terms of being easier to store and more space-saving. Whereas if you choose a traditional gymnastic mat, you won't achieve these results.

So, let's move on to share three ways to use the air tumble track for fitness training.

Running around the circle with the mat in both hands

Rules: Students divide into two groups and use the middle circle of the football field to run a relay race with the mats.

Intention: Make full use of the existing field for practice. Students run forward carrying the tumble track in the middle of the mat, strengthening their fingers and wrists while exercising their upper body strength.

Equipment role: to protect students during the run.

Caution: For students with less strength they can practice by holding the mat.

air track mat
Two-person mat lift and carry

Rules: In pairs, one person holds one end of the gymnastics mat and carries it in a sideways cross-step run or crab walk, increasing the number of mats as appropriate.

Intention: Hold the gymnastic mat to further strengthen the upper body and wrist.

Equipment role: Use the self-weight of the gymnastics mat to carry, and increase the number appropriately to achieve the effect of exercise.

Caution: Lateral cross-step running requires a controlled rhythm between the two to prevent tripping and falling.

Run with the mats up

Rules: Students hold the gymnastics mat with both hands above their heads for a fast run.

Intention: Lift the gymnastics mat to increase upper body strength and shoulder joint control.

Equipment: Use self-weight to exercise the upper limbs and improve students' total body coordination.

Note: Students can use their hands and the top of their head to support the mat to maintain balance.


In fact, if you want to do the above exercises at home, I recommend that you come to Kameymall and buy some air track mats because with them you can practice at home with your cousins. Also, once you have drained the air from these mats, it can be folded into a small piece and placed in a wardrobe, under the bed etc. for added convenience.

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