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Steps To Locate Most Appropriate Bikini For You

Apr, 24, 2022

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Summer fashion for girls, elaborate collocation of fashion, in addition to the street and the swimming pool, the beach in a bikini, for many people to choose a bikini is choose the design and color of some sexy temptation, actually otherwise, the choice of the bikini is far more complex than build a set of clothes, we find the law of a set of model to choose a bikini, only six steps, to dress more beautiful.

Step 1: Determine your body shape

Your body shape determines whether or not bikini swimsuits will flatter you, and there are four body types:
1, sport: small chest, small hips, and thin. This means choosing bikinis that accentuate your petite figure and draw attention to your breasts and hips.
2, Apple type: chest, waist and abdomen protruding, slender lower limbs. To get even up and down, you need to choose bikinis that make your breasts look smaller and your hips look bigger.
3, pear: the chest is big and the hips are big, but the waist is narrow and the shoulders are narrow. Look for bikinis that make your hips look smaller and your breasts larger.
4, hourglass type: convex after warping, slender waist, just right, should choose plump in the bikini without losing my gentle and sexy.

Step 2: Choose a bikini top
Here are some tips on how the cut, color and texture of a bikini will determine how you look when you wear it:
1. Make your breasts look bigger. Go for bright colors and look for lace, belted or padded models.
2. Make your breasts look smaller. Choose design and color or dark color to fasten on colour, do not have stripe and big colour grain, model should consider emphatically whether it bears the weight of your bosom.
3. Show off your breasts. To show off your bust, a triangle is the best choice, such as a central lace-up or full belted bikini, while the triangle is the most classic bikini.
4, hold up the big chest. Your bust shape requires that you choose a bikini with a wide enough lace-up and a large enough cover area.

Next time, we will share more bikini picking skills for you, if you want to keep up with us, please pay attention to Kameymall website.

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