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Continued Advanced Bikini Picking Skills

Apr, 24, 2022

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Last time, we have introduced to you the simple steps of how to choose Bikini, today we are going to go into some advanced bikini selection strategies!

Opt for a bikini bottom

Choosing bikini swimsuits bottoms not only determines whether your butt looks good, it also affects whether people are attracted to your legs, so here are the deciding factors to keep in mind:
1. Make your butt look bigger. Go for bright colors, ruffles and sexy flat feet that will add an extra touch to your butt.
2. Make your butt look smaller. Opt for dark colors, avoid stripes and complex lines, and opt for high-waisted or connected shapes. Don't try flat-footed styles as they will only make your hips look bigger.

Keep your choices balanced
At this point, you've chosen your bikini style, but how do you get them to look balanced and harmonious? Here are some shopping tips to watch out for:
1. Highlight an aspect with chiaroscuro. For example, if you want to show off your breasts, buy bright tops and dark bottoms.
2. Keep color balance. For example: the top and bottom are monochrome, the top and bottom are the same color (such as dark purple and dark blue), black or white with color and so on.
3. Don't worry about the wrong size. If you have small breasts and large hips, go for a small top and a large bottom, no need for an equal size. If you are not sure, ask the salesperson.

Keep your taste and age appropriate
Here are a few things that make you look tasteful:
1. If your breasts are C cup or larger, don't go for a string in the middle. If your breasts are smaller than a C cup, opt for a top.
2, don't choose the G-string, it can not bring you much beauty.
3, skirts are more suitable for middle-aged people, unless it is the kind of skirt full of wrinkles, then suitable for young you.

Put on a bikini and be confident
Wearing the best bikini in the world won't matter if you lack confidence, so hold your head high, smile and be confident! It makes you all the more attractive. So much for the bikini guide, if you want to buy your favorite Bikini, head over to Kameymall.


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